Main Event - Middleweight Championship Tourney Finals: Tina 'Tigress' Armstrong vs Erin Quinn

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Re: Main Event - Middleweight Championship Tourney Finals: Tina 'Tigress' Armstrong vs Erin Quinn

Unread post by Noob » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:32 pm

Before Erin knew it, the match was over. The redhead stared up at the lights, for a moment, trying to process what had just happened. She had been so close to winning but here she found herself on the losing end of the most important match of her life. Reflecting back, perhaps it was to her disadvantage that the first round ended so quickly and barely got into the second round match before it was cut short for reasons that she still didn't quite grasp. Maybe she could have used the practice.

With a big sigh the redhead grabbed Tina's hand and pulled herself up. She'd never been this disappointed about a match but that was on her. Now was the time to congratulate the blonde on a job well done. Slowly making her way to wobbly feet she'd try to flash Tina her usual wide smile. That seemed to be a bit harder now though. " really had my number. Congrats." Erin commented, now holding her side as she made her way towards the ropes. The redhead couldn't keep herself to just a congratulatory comment though."Ughhhhh this fucking sucks though! You ain't keeping that belt for long got it?" She finally concluded, already wondering just how long she could keep herself from charging for the title again.
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Unread post by Highfly » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:39 am

tina smiled and nodded to Erin. "Anytime, anywhere anyhow. I will be waiting for ya and I hope we get to tangle again. You are as tough and tougher than advertised!" Tina said, clapping her hands for Erin genuinely. After a moment, Tina held the title in the air and walked around the ring, basking in the cheers as she was still on cloud nine.

She was at the top. 19 and a champion. She would never have believe a few years ago that working in the dingy little gym in Liverpool would lead to this. The first woman at the Haines house to bring in LAW gold wasn't Alaina, it was Tina! She was making a last lap around the ring before exiting, still hearing the fans chanting her name as she went backstage. She knew she was going to have a mic or two in her face before anything else. She had no clue how to handle this sort of thing. She never imagined she would be here, yet here she was....

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