Daniel James Haines

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Daniel James Haines

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Name: Daniel James Haines
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 227 lbs
Age: 22 (D.O.B 11/14/1995)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: USA
Alignment: Face

Attire/Fitness: When wrestling or sparring he wears blue, white and gold patterned boots, kneepads and shorts or on occasion a speedo if he is trying to show off his strong body. He is muscular with solid muscle mass and a good deal of muscle definition. He is essentially a bull inside the ring, but keeps up a little bit of the Haines mobility of his uncle. Because of his lack of official match experience his technique isn't quite on par with the strength or speed he boasts. When working in the gym on strength or endurance he often wears knee length shorts, a form fitting underarmor shirt and sneakers while carrying a backpack containing notebooks, a tablet, and clipboards.

Personality: Danny boy is a good guy all in all. He can get cocky at times but he never goes out of his way to demand anyone. Given his aunt being his favorite wrestler and "the toughest lady to ever set foot in a ring of all time" he has the utmost respect for women, and women wrestlers. He is far from the womanizing type, but comfortable around athletic women since one was in his family. Primarily a trainer, Dan is trying to earn his keep and is on LAW primarily as a strength coach whose clients include his aunt Alaina (auntie Allie), Tina Armstrong (practically adopted by Alaina much in the same way as Dan so they essentially function as grown up kids, giving Alaina practice for Anna/Carl's future), and anyone else whom needs a strength coach or a sparring partner. He does not have issue taking part in official matches but like his uncle would rather punch a guy in the face than even shove a lady.

History: Daniel James Haines grew up with his single father John Haines. The family was essentially a mess with his father making a career in the army as well as his uncle Charlie making it as a wrestler until a career ending injury. The rest of the extended family couldn't seem to stay out of jail. John knew he wanted to keep his son on a good path, and pretty much separated Dan from the rest of his family save for his wrestler brother and his wrestler wife Alaina. Those two were a Godsend, watching Dan when he was sent overseas which happened more than John liked. As a kid he would always wrestle and tussle around with his aunt and uncle. Oddly enough, given Alaina's fame and looks his friends always wanted to hang out during the summer with them, and if one had a pool party Dan was begged to have his aunt show up.... Dan did fairly well in school and displayed good athleticism. He was not sure what to do with himself. As Dan grew older, his dad went overseas to Afghanistan in 2007 to some dumpy place called the Kornegal Valley. Dan's father wasn't going to come back. After his fathers death overseas Dan ended up living with Alaina and Charlie. They were essentially his only family and he couldn't ask for a better home to move in to. Dan ended up going to college on a football scholarship to Oklahoma State, but a nasty back injury ended his football career. Dan worked to recover and kept up on his academics, graduating with a bachelors in nutrition. He worked himself back into shape, recovering fully to the surprise of doctors.

After his aunt moved to Japan and got back in the ring Dan was hired as a trainer in LAW, making sure not to mention his family ties so he was hired on his own merit. Having been a big wrestling fan growing up, and following Alaina's career, Dan trained himself a bit so he could be more than a strength and endurance coach. He is available to spar with anyone and will take on any ladies looking for a fitness coach as a client. Dan is willing to wrestle anyone but given growing up with a female as a favorite wrestler he fully respects the women as people and athletes. As goofy as he can be and as much as he may try to show off he is far from a womanizer. He knows full well being disrespectful could result in a slam or amabomb the next time he trains with his aunt. He also trains with Tina Armstrong, who was also essentially adopted by Alaina as both he and Tina live in their large family house. However, the two view each other more as siblings and often fight albeit playfully. Dan is also close to his younger cousins Anna and Carl whom he has babysat quite a few times when Alaina and Charlie look for a night out alone and Tina is doing training. He misses his dad dearly but is happy with where he is at and the people he is with.

Wrestling Style: Dan is very strong and power is his mainstay. However, he has agility and speed belied by his short wide size. he knows basic technique and has learned a lot during his training but realizes he slithers much to learn. Thankfully his raw power gives him an avenue to escape things that aren't often available to others.

Favorite Moves: Heavy strikes like lariats, slams, suplexes and punching combos.
Signature Moves: Gorilla Press slam, chokeslam
Finisher: Danny's Deathdrop (F-5)

Stat Spread:
Strength- 10/10
Toughness- 8.5/10
Speed- 7/10
Endurance- 8/10
Technique- 5/10
Submission- 6/10
Strikes- 9/10

Fun Facts:
-Dan may have a hidden collection of wrestling action figures somewhere in his room.
-Dan knows full well Alaina and Tina can handle themselves, but if he ever saw anyone giving them problems he would not hesitate to intervene.
-Dan almost joined the army like his dad, and he still wants to get a rotary wing and fixed wing pilots license someday.
-Dan will train with or take on anyone as a client, even heels if they don't act like total idiots around him.
-Dan knows when his middle name is used to get his attention he is in deep trouble.

-"Amazon" Alaina Sanders-Haines: Auntie Allie was his favorite wrestler growing up. He looks up to her and respects her even if she delights in doing 'crazy aunt' things like embarrassing him and telling stories of him as a kid when other women are around.
-"Tigress" Tina Armstrong: Tina had a tough life growing up and is not close to her family, and is almost unofficially adopted by Alaina/Charlie. Dan and Tina get along great even if they bug each other a lot. They are almost like siblings, an older version of Anna and Carl.
-Charlie Haines: Uncle Charlie reminds him of his dad a lot. He oftentimes goes to Charlie for advice before anyone else.
-Anna/Carl Haines: Dan's younger cousins who he thinks are hilarious when they engage in the usual fare that drive their parents insane at times.

LAW Record: 0-0-0

1) Vs. Michelle Bennet *

Clients As Trainer (not counting family):
Eirina Makishima
Adriana Scarlet (reluctantly on Dans part)
Sienna Smith

LAW Accomplishments: None yet.
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