Sienna Smith vs Miss Spencer: Qualifer Match

Wrestlers that win their matches here earn the right to compete in the Middleweight Championship Tournament
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Re: Sienna Smith vs Miss Spencer: Qualifer Match

Unread post by winner3 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:17 am

Despite showing signs of life by earning herself a rope break, the bikini clad wrestler was still reeling from the earlier Suplex into the barricade. She'd tried to work her way up, first sitting up and trying to tug on the ropes to try and find her way up. But that effort would soon be thwarted by a stiff elbow from the former Teacher. Unfortunately, from her vantage point, Smith couldn't do much to avoid the strike. The forearm stunned her and knocked her back down the canvas, and left her in a vulnerable position.

While still susceptible to the blonde's follow up, Sienna's foe acted and began to secure the dark skinned diva in a curious and unique hold. She'd tie up Sienna's hands and feet in her trademark Teacher Lock submission hold! Sienna would struggle to rise up, but Spencer added to her immobility by taking a seat on her lower back and preventing her from getting up. At first thew hold wasn't particularly painful. Sienna struggled with a puzzled look on her face to try and inch her way back to the ropes. She tried to hop but found her efforts to be futile. After a few groans and attempts, she deduced that the not being able to move was the point.

"Ugh! Really?!?" She shrieked in a highly annoyed tone.

Sienna would try again to move, but simply couldn't! She'd then begin to tap her own thigh, signaling her submission of the match.

"Fine!" Smith would say begrudgingly, upset that she was done in by such a tactic.
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Re: Sienna Smith vs Miss Spencer: Qualifer Match

Unread post by 321Shazam » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:55 am

Miss Spencer would hope that this would work as the LAW crowd would pop as she locked in her signature hold. Then after a couple of seconds in the hold, Sienna would complain about her immobility before she flat out tapped out. The referee would ring the bell signalling the ending of the match. Miss Spencer would get off of Sienna to release the hold. Miss Spencer was overjoyed as she earned an opportunity to try and fight to become the inaugural LAW Middleweight Champion in the upcoming tournament. The referee would raise the former Rumble Roses' hand up in victory, and Miss Spencer would soak in the cheers from the LAW crowd prepared to give it her all in the upcoming tournament.

Winner via submission, MISS SPENCER!!!!!

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