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Re: A knightly affair

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:26 am
by egerke
"Sorry." Sophie said as Yoko explained the reason behind her grumpiness. "I won't do that again." She said once more before the conversation shifted to Sophie's horse. "No, I don't own it but there's a stable not far from here, I like to go there time to time, and that's... well, not technically my horse but he's the one I always ride. And the stable's owner is really nice. I help out a little both with the work and some expenses they have and in return I could do this tonight for example." Sophie replied to Yoko. Sophie chuckled. "And, a trusty mount can't be just treated like a simple tool or weapon. It's a friend or ally." Sophie paused for a second before her face lit up with a smile. "We should totally go horse riding together sometime!" She said beaming happiness just from imagining it.

Once she was done explaining she heard Yoko's suggestion and nodded with a smile. "Yeah, I'll lead the way. Bayard seems to have ran the right way, but let's make sure he didn't get lost too." She said. She didn't expect Yoko to go on to grab her hand but Sophie's fingers soon wrapped around Yoko's hand gently as well, a small blush on her face. Maybe tonight isn't a disaster after all.

Sophie then went on to lead Yoko through the streets but before long the two would see a shadow moving in front of them and then hear a few words coming from around a corner. Sophie couldn't make out the words but didn't get a lot of time to think as the next moment two thugs came out from behind the corner.

"Alright, ladies. Give us all your money and we may decide to be nice." Sophie, however, wasn't going to get scared. "We're not giving you anything." She said with a stern voice. "So that's how it will be huh? Well, then I certainly like cuties like your friend here." With that one of the thugs started heading towards Yoko, only to take a heavy punch right to the head from Sophie as the Paladin jumped forward. "STAY AWAY FROM HER!" She yelled as the thug reeled back. Sophie then pushed forward, landing severl more punches on the thug, enraged, but failed to notice as the other attacker slowly pulled out a knifr from his pocket behind her back...

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Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:12 pm
by ragaz
Yoko listened to Sophie speak about her horse and the stables that the horse resides in and it left a pretty good impression on Yoko. Sounds like you're a pretty nice person, Sophie. Yoko would compliment the big girl's personality after hearing that she helps some people out. Yeah, I know that Boota is my friend and partner, not a tool. Although Boota isn't a mount, rather I am his mount... Yoko would giggle slightly after realizing such strange truth.

Horse riding? I've never ridden a horse, but it sounds fun. But just so you know, I'll be holding onto you pretty damn tight. Yoko would wink at the blond a little, taking Sophie's hand and have her lead the way. Bayard? That's the name of the horse, huh? Heh, let's make sure WE don't get lost. Yoko joked a little in a kind of romantic atmosphere - They were taking a walk in the middle of the night while holding hands and smiling at each other.

After a bit of walking, the two women saw a couple of suspicious looking lads come their way and Yoko was silently preparing for the worst. Yoko's fears turned to be true, as a couple of jackasses were about to ruin this night for Yoko and Sophie. The fuckers would not leave here with their balls intact, was what Yoko thought.

The fuckers clearly thought that Yoko's gun wasn't real. If they knew it was real, they wouldn't even be in the same city as Yoko, but stupidity always prevails. They had the nerve to try and take all their money... Well, Yoko didn't have much on her in the first place, although she wasn't sure about Sophie. Yoko wanted to reply with some witty remarks, but Sophie was in a hurry to give a simple, hard ''no''. You won't be liking cuties like me when I blow your dick off. Yoko replied to the douche that likes redhead cuties.
Oh, you're going to blow me, dear, I can promise you th... Ghhwaaah! The douche was clearly clueless to what Yoko meant, but he was even more clueless to how pissed Sophie was, who punched the ducked square in da face, then did it again, and again, and a shitload more times.. The blood and teeth were flying off the douche's face. Yoko watched this unfold and after seeing Sophie at work with her fists, the redhead could swear that Sophie was Ippo reincarnated.

While the douche was getting pummeled, the jackass decided to take action - he pulled out a knife and Yoko was all too familiar with the situation. Needless to say, Yoko was pissed big time. As the jackass went in to stab the unsuspecting Sophie in the back, his hand was smashed down into the ground by the end of Yoko's rifle, who swung it like a bat. She really considered blasting the guy's hand off but decided not to. She decided to beat the shit out of him instead.

After getting his hand pummeled into the ground, the jackass shouted in pain out loud. He was forced to let go of the knife and grab onto his hurting hand. Yoko would then continue her assault mercilessly, she would raise her rifle, smacking the jackass in the face, forcing him to stand up and dazing him. Yoko would then dash forward, ramming the end of the rifle into his gut, folding him. Then she would raise up her rifle quickly again, smacking it into his chin, makin him lose his balance. Yoko would then wind up her rifle like a baseball bat and smash it against the fucker's legs with all her strength while shouting. This took the jackass completely off his feet and he crashed helplessly to the ground. Now, to finish it off, Yoko would wind up her rifle again, but this time like a golf stick, instead of a baseball bat. She would swing it too, just like she would a golf stick, Yoko would smash it right into his crotch, potentially smashing his balls to mush. The jackass would cry out like he never did in his entire life. He could see his potential future generations flash through his eyes and then disappear. You won't be interested in cuties anymore, fucker! Yoko would let out in anger that you would rarely see in her.

The jackass was crying, both out loud and in tears, as he was holding onto his dead crotch, yet he still tried to threaten the girls.
You bitches! I'm gonna kill you. You and everyone that you love, you fucking hags! He would say in a hateful, somewhat girly voice. Yoko then pointed her gun at his crotch. If you value what little was left of it, you will never ever say such stuff to anyone again!
Bitch, you think you're gonna scare me with this toy? Is this a fucking kindergarten? The jackass was still clueless...
Yoko would respond by simply firing her gun very near his crotch, making a small crater in the ground as the rocks started flying upwards. Yes. Yoko would point it back at his crotch and all of his tough guy act would be gone in an instant. I'm gonna call the police! It seems like the jackass was really desperate... Oh, please do, it will save us the trouble. Now pick yourself up, jackass and take your knocked out douchebag friend with you and get the fuck out of our sight before i literally blast your ass off! Yoko did not take kindly to such people and especially to the ones that tried to kill people that were close to her. Maybe Sophie wasn't really a close person to Yoko, but she was a nice person and even she wasn't nice, it's not like Yoko would let someone die on her watch...

You okay there, Sophie? Yoko would turn to Sophie to see how she's doing after all this nonsense.

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Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:25 pm
by egerke
"Thanks." Sophie replied to Yoko's compliment with a happy smile. She giggled at the girl's comment about Boota as the two girls went on with their romantic walk. Before long, however, the girls were interrupted by a pair of thugs. Sophie was quick to take the fight to one of them as her and the redhead were threatened.

She gave the thug a heavy beatdown landing one powerful punch after another, sending the thug reeling back defenceless. He wasn't expecting to face someone with Sophie's power. The other asshole wasn't going to stand by idly as his friend was being beaten up and pulled a knife behind Sophie's back, only to be met with Yoko's rage.

Sophie only heard a loud scream of pain as she glanced back between her hits she saw Yoko using her rifle as a bat to hand out a similar beatdown on the jackass. Seeing how well Yoko was handling herself she trusted the girl to hold her own and landed a few more hits, finally letting her target fall back on the ground, barely conscious. "And don't you ever try that again or..." She talked, while the jackass's screams of pain could be heard in the background followed by some words exchanged between him and Yoko. However, Sophie's words were interrupted by a loud bang.

The Paladin jumped with a small yell of fear, her ears ringing as she flipped around, to see the barrel of Yoko's gun smoking and a small crater between the jackass's legs. As Yoko said her last words to her opponent, the man facing Sophie scrambled up to his feet to flee as well, the two running comically as they tried to get away with pain all over their bodies.

Sophie was still in slight shock from the scare the gunshot gave her as Yoko turned to her. "Yeah... I'm fine." She replied. "That gun is scary as hell." She added after a short pause as she started to regain her calm. "That was a nice beatdown. Too bad I couldn't see most of it." She said with a smile looking at the redhead. She'd extend her arm for Yoko to hold again to resume their walk. Yoko's gun shook up Sophie more than the rest of the fight. She was never scared of the thugs in the first place, and beating them up was far from the hardest matchup she ever had.

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Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:02 pm
by ragaz
After all the foul talking and fighting ended and the little dickwads ran away, Yoko checked up on Sophie, who was fine but looked a little scared. Yoko wanted to calm Sophie down and not to worry about those thugs, but soon it was revealed that wasn't what Sophie was afraid of, it was the redhead's rifle... It's scary if you're on the wrong end of it and you, Sophie, certainly are not on the wrong end of it. Maybe it's good that it's scary, helps in such a situation. Yoko tried to calm Sophie down a little with her explanation and it seemed like the girl did calm down and complimented Yoko on the beatdown, but it seemed that Sophie didn't realize one thing. Honestly, I thought I wouldn't interfere after seeing what you did to that guy's face. I mean, no dentist will be able to help him there... The reason why I did interfere was because that other dude pulled out a knife and tried to plunge it into your back. Yoko would point toward the ground, where the jackass was forced to let go of his knife. That knife. That was how my boyfriend died, getting stabbed in the back while taking care of another thug, very similar to your situation. The look on Yoko's face after this skirmish wasn't very cheerful. I'd be damned if I ever let that happen again. Yoko said as she took Sophie's hand

Yoko would proceed to walk further together with the blond heavy-hitter. I swear, I attract trouble like this like a magnet... I mean this happens to me more often than to any other people that I know...

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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:17 pm
by egerke
Yoko's words helped cheer Sophie up again and recover from the shock from hearing the rifle. SHe was not used to hearing guns fired right next to her, and definitely not something with the caliber of Yoko's rifle. "Oh god... I guess you saved my life then.. thank you." Sophie said, her voice once again turning scared as she realised what could have happened if Yoko wasn't looking out for her. But after pointing to the knife Yoko continued and Sophie's expression turned from scared to sad. "I'm sorry to hear that." Sophie would reply, giving Yoko's hand a small squeeze to reassure the girl. She wanted to say more but she had to realise how little she actually knew of Yoko and especially this boyfriend she was talking about.

The silence didn't last long enough to get awkward however as Yoko resumed talking as the pair walked on. Sophie listened carefully. and as a reply shot a smile towards Yoko before talking. "Don't worry about it. We're here to back each other up. And look on the good side, those thugs surely won't rob someone defenceless tonight. Possibly not ever given that scare you gave them. I'm certain we saved some people from getting out of an encounter much worse than we did." She talked happily with an earnest smile on her face. This was her goal in life after all. Helping the weak, who cannot defend themselves against anyone unjust.

As the girls talked they got near the stable. They would see a large field, surrounded by a wooden fence, with a gate on one side, that had a small ticket booth next to it, and the stables themselves close by, next to an area, that was turned completely flat by the hooves of the horses walking around. A bit further back, separated from the walking area by a smaller fence, still on the same plot would be a small home. Sophie's horse was standing inside the outer fence, in front of the closed door to the stable building.

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Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:01 pm
by ragaz
Nah, it's no biggie. You wouldn't let me die either, right. It's just the normal thing to do, probably...
Yoko soon felt Sophie's big, strong and warm hand give her a weak squeeze, which Yoko returned in kind.
Then Sophie went to explain how Yoko and Sophie did the right thing and not only that but also how they've done a favour to the community.
Yeah, when you put it that way... I guess it's a job well done!

While talking the girls eventually reached their goal, which was the stables, with the field and all a horse could ever dream of. The horse they were looking for, was where Sophie had predicted he would be - Right next to the stable door, waiting for someone to open the door. Hahaha! That is a nice horse. He would probably unlock the door if he could, too! I think a horse like this shouldn't be tied up at all and should get as much freedom as possible. Yoko stated her opinion on the subject of horse treatment.

Yoko would walk over to the horse and pet the animal. Sorry for the little scare I gave you earlier. You forgive me right? Of course you forgive me, you're a good boy, after all! Yoko would playfully talk to the horse while petting him.
So, how about we let him in already?

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Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:59 pm
by egerke
Sophie nodded on Yoko's words as the pair arrived at the stables. Once there Sophie released Yoko's hand, glancing over at the girl. "Yeah, he's very reliable and smart." She would wait for the redhead to release her hand as well rather than yanking it free. Then she walked over to Bayard, first placing her hands on the horse's head. "Sorry about that little mixup." She said. Her voice sounded like she was talking to a friend rather than baby talking a pet. "Hope you'll forgive me." After that she placed her cheek against the horse's head for a moment, making Bayard release a quiet neigh. Sophie would then stand back, looking at Yoko with a smile, making sure Bayard accepted her advance before turning over to the gate.

Meanwhile, she responded to Yoko's words. "Of course. There's so much you can do inside the city unfortunately but they are free to roam this field it's just safer to put them in the stables at night, but that's it. Some of them might escape just out of curiosity if you don't keep an eye on them. Though I think Bayard had enough of the outside world for a while, haven't you?" Sophie asked with a lighthearted chuckle, looking back towards her mount. Bayard was clearly happy with Yoko's apology too, giving her a satisfied neigh as well.

Sophie was already fiddling with the lock when Yoko asked her, and soon she had the gate open and walked inside in front of Bayard, towards the stables building, pointing to the building for Yoko. "Just need to let him in there." As they walked to the sizeable wooden structure, Sophie spoke. "This place used to be even bigger, but the city just kind of grew around it." She explained. "These stables are really old, there's even legend that they supplied warhorses in the Sengoku period. Though that may have been made up by one of the previous owners to promote the place." Sophie said with a smile.

Once they got to the stables, Sophie opened the door, this one being closed only with a simple hinge. Bayard walked in without even being asked, finding his place in the spacious stable amongst the other animals. Once he was inside, Sophie turned back to Yoko. "Time to head back I guess." She said while closing the door behind herself.

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:32 am
by ragaz
Yoko observed Sophie's interaction with the horse, the girl indeed had a thing for horses. The two girls then made their way for the stables and while they were at it, Sophie told Yoko something that made her think for a bit. Well, I wouldn't be surprised. In times of war, the army uses every stables and every horse they can get their hands on... Yoko would pause for a moment before speaking again. God bless technology, since now we don't need to lead horses into the slaughter, am I right? Yoko would bump the back of her hand into Sophie's shoulder as she said that, while looking at her with a smile on her face. Hmmm? Yoko would then look the same way at the steed, as if asking him the same question.

When the girls reached the stables and Sophie opened up the door, Yoko looked in awe how Bayard made his way to his place without any instructions or orders. Are all horses this smart and loyal or just Bayard? Yoko knew about horses no more than an average joe, so she was just curious.
Since your steed went to sleep, I may give you a ride home on mine. Yoko would suggest while gently cupping Sophie's hand and waiting until the big girl would start walking instead of dragging her.

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Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 3:20 pm
by egerke
"Yeah." Sophie smiled at Yoko's question. "They get to live calm, peaceful lives now... Most of the time." Sophie ended her sentence with a smile and a slight blush, lowering her head. After spending time with Yoko, what happened was merely a funny, slightly embarrassing incident. Not the end of the world as she first felt about it. Once Bayard was safely back in his place, Sophie closed the door of the stables while responding to Yoko. "Well, he is definitely a smart one, but horses are clever animals. And they'll repay the favour if you treat them right. But they'll also repay you in kind if you treat them badly." She added. Her fingers gently closed around Yoko's hand as the girl cupped hers and Sophie started walking back with her friend.

"Thank you, but you really don't have to." She responded to Yoko's suggestion. "I'm sure you need to sleep too, and I can walk back fine." She added with a yawn. Now that the adrenaline was starting to leave her body, tiredness was setting in rapidly. She didn't want to burden Yoko with her transport, but if Yoko reaffirmed the offer, she wouldn't reject, at the same time continuing to make conversation. "How did you end up with your hamster like that? I mean it's not an uncommon pet, but I haven't heard of another living... there." She asked curiously.

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Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 1:03 pm
by ragaz
Sophie took Yoko's hand, however, the big girl was the type of person to politely refuse than take help. Understanding that, Yoko then insisted. Oh come on! Your steed is over there... Yoko would say pointing to the stables. While my steed is right over... There... Yoko then pointed towards her bike that was a product of her imagination, because right at that moment she realized that she left it at home... I left it at home, didn't I..? Yoko then finished her sentence with a bucket full of embarrassment. You were right, I do need some sleep... Yoko looked down as she said that.

A moment later, her eyes rose once again. Nevertheless, I'm not letting you go home alone. Not when jackasses lurk around corners and bushes to grab such a delicious snack as yourself... Now the way that Yoko said that, those weren't the kind of words that she'd normally choose, but Yoko was tired and her mouth worked faster than her brain because of it.

With that said, the two girls started walking in the direction of Sophie's home with Yoko never letting go of the blonde's hand. As they walked, Sophie had an interesting question about Boota... Well... I got the small Boota as another birthday gift from dad a good while back. I didn't lock the animal in any kind of cage, I gave him freedom of movement. He knew who was providing him food, so he never tried to run away. He saw when we were angry when he did something stupid and learned not to do it in the future. Eventually, he became a fully fledged family member of ours. We even at from the same table, each from his own plate... Yoko chuckled a little as she was telling the not so usual story while Boota himself popped his head out of Yoko's cleavage and nodded in support.

Since he could move wherever he wanted and sleep wherever he pleased, he had the opportunity to try out everything. Yoko continued.
He liked everything soft, the sheets, the pillows... And that's how he eventually came to appreciate big, soft breasts. Residing in my cleavage meant that not only he would have the luxury of being in a home of his preference... Yoko pointed at her cleavage as she said that.
But also be with me at all times. Have I mentioned that he grew to like me especially? Ain't that right, Boota? Yoko would ask rhetorically while looking down at the animal.

Time ran really fast when Yoko was telling the story and in the meantime, the girls covered a really big part of the distance, thankfully without any dickheads trying their luck this time.