Photoshooting: (Nagisa and Max)

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Photoshooting: (Nagisa and Max)

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Ring gear
Nagi would step into the mat cover room looking around, he was already wearing his swim shorts like ring outfit. Hmm it was his first ever wrestling photo shooting, that might be interesting. At first he wasn´t interested in it, but Ava really did love this idea and so he did agree to it and so now he was here. And the more he thought about it the more it sounded like fun. He could image why so many people did take part in these things, and the pay was very good as well, although money wasn´t really a matter for him.

He was just here to have some fun. Some girl was already in the room taking care of her camera. From the mail the boy got he knew the name of this woman was Angelica…
She did look rather young. The boy was wondering how she did get the job. He would stop in the center of the room starting to warm himself up and stretch, waiting for his partner to show up.

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