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Unread post by winner3 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:07 am

Shortly after enduring a more endearing and fun, yet consecutive one-sided loss to Cali McCloud, Jem somehow, eventually found her way up off her bedroom floor to keep her promise to her new next door neighbor and meet her in the bathroom. It took her about ten minutes to shake off all the cobwebs. And even then, she wasn't moving with her usual peppy energy and smug smile. Jem was far from crestfallen, but she could definitely use a pick-me-up.

"Caaaaallllliiii..." She called out as she went for the doorknob to open the door and meet her eternal rival inside. "I ordered your gosh-darn Thai food." The blonde groaned as she made it inside and placed her hands on the counter near the sink. McCloud had commandeered Jem's shower. No doubt showering off the sweat she worked up squashing the show host live on her own streamed show just a half hour ago. As salty as Jem was about it, she didn't take genuine offense. She already had her sites set on getting her revenge in a rematch they had planned later that same night....! It only took buying Cali dinner to get her to agree to give Jem another chance. But Jem would need to recoup before she could take the toned babe on again. She turned to the brawny, naked babe occupying her shower. Jem caught herself staring and blushing for a moment before a pain in the side of her neck snapped her back to reality.

" room for one more in there?" Jem would say with a pained groan as she parted her hair and removed her dress.

"I could definitely use a hot shower, myself....and maybe a massage if I'm gonna hand you that L, later."
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Re: Aftercare

Unread post by Faeron » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:31 pm

Cali had been slow to get inside the shower, wanting to give the blonde plenty of time to make dinner orders and partly due feeling bad over dominating Jem in her own home, on her own stream. The least she could've done was make sure that there was enough hot water for the both of them. Crouched in the sink while the cold water hit her back, Cali started running ideas in her mind about how to deal with Jem as she already knew that the blonde wouldn't pose too much of a threat against her.

Hearing Jem walking into the bathroom, stood up and opened the shower door, revealing her nude frame as it was being soaked by the water.

"There you are. Was starting to get tired of the cold water." Cali said while turning the heat on. "You and I are going to have a talk."
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