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Re: Unexpected Guest

Unread post by Dokki » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:43 am

Rin battled for sexual dominatinance, grinding her pussy against Alexia's at a quickly increasing rate. With each buck of their hips the two combatants' breasts would bounce and jiggle against one another. Rin would try and clench her teeth as Alexia squeezed her tight ass but it was too late as the Oujo let out lewd moan. Her unrelenting opponent would put her forehead against Rin's and stare into the Oujo's eyes. Rin refused to be intimidated. Letting out low growl, Rin would glare back at Alexia, her breath heavy and hot.

Rin could feel a climax building up inside her and her breathing was becoming more of a whimper but she continued to mash her sex and press her head against Alexia's. She could keep pushing herself to keep fighting but she had little control over her orgasm and she hoped her womanhood would hold out longer than her opponent's.

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Re: Unexpected Guest

Unread post by TheManVan » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:27 am

Alexia was moaning out loudly, not even bothering to keep her voice quick as she battled with Rin for sexual supremacy. Her breasts mashed against the tits of Rin, nipples piercing into each other's flesh and clipping against one another. Hot breaths washing over each other's face, Rin's face contorted in anger while Alexia's twisted features of utter joy. She kept a hand tight on the butt of Rin while the Ojou kept a tight grip on her ankle, ensuring that the two would remain tight together as their orgasms were building up more and more!

Even now, Alexia would not remain quite, a low giggle continuing to keep it's presence known. "Huhuhu...huhuhu...! That's it...! That's it bae! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed out, her thrusting and grinding on Rin's pussy becoming harder and faster, the wet sounds of leaking pussies smacking against each other rang out as Alexia's moans and screams intensified with more and more of her juices beginning to ooze out of her sex!

Seconds away from an orgasm, being aroused for so long with finally a release, Alexia would tense her body up and pulled Rin as tight against her as possible before letting out a loud scream and cumming against the Ojou!

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