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The Phoenix Hangout

Unread post by Caboose2.0 » Tue May 30, 2017 7:06 pm

(Slightly outside of the city)

Chris was currently driving her car through the city with both Leona and Vanessa blind folded. But while she was all smiles, the other two were getting restless.

" I'm getting pissed...when are we allowed to take these off Chris?" Leona would say with her arms crossed.

"One more minute sweetie~" the blond would reply cheerfully.

"You said that like an hour ago..." Leona would start to say as the car came to a stop. Chris would then get out of the vehicle and help her two live interests out as well. The blond would guide them a bit forward, and give Vanessa stank back when she almost walked into a tree.

" you can look!" Chris would shout happily as the two removed the blind folds. The two would ten stars at the house in front of them, clearly they were surprised...but not sure what this meant.

"So the house the surprise?" Vanessa would ask cautiously. She didn't want to offend her after all.

"Well yeah...I bought it" Chris would say plainly. The other two would perk up though completely surprised that the blond had purchased the home.

"Wait...what?! How?!" Leona would exclaim. After all, they didn't think Chris had that type of money.

"Well I've been saving some money for a while a few good I thought why not hehe." The blond would say chuckling. Clearly it wasn't a big deal to her, but to the other two woman it was. The house looked pretty expensive after all.

"Well? What are you two waiting for? Don't you wanna check it out?" Chris would say as she walked towards to front door before being followed by the others.
This house has two floors and a basement. It even has an attic that is rarely used. There are three bedrooms, each of which features each of the trios personal taste of decoration. Vanessa's is fancy and clean, and it has several photos of her, Chris, and a few with Leona. She even has the largest bed, and a closet. Leona'a room is barely cleaned and has a large bed, weights, a tv, and a closet filled with the harem's sex toys. Chris's room is decorated with a huge American flag, a large bed, posters of herself and the group she made herself, and a flat screen tv.

There is also a kitchen next to the living room, and a dining room as well. There are two bathrooms, one on each floor, but only one has a shower and bath (They are very happy to share though).

The basement has been converted into a gym room so that it has mats and a punching bag for training. (Chris wanted a gaming room...)

The backyard has a pool and a hot tub (Chris demanded that they have a hot tub) for relaxing.

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