The Doktor's Appointment

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Re: The Doktor's Appointment

Unread post by PrinceArjuna332 » Fri May 10, 2019 2:06 pm

Kyoko was right about something; the masturbation wouldn't accomplish anything. It was just Eirina being a pervert, and she wanted to humiliate her prisoner by ordering her to finger herself. She would watch as the captured Belly Queen started pleasuring herself.

"Come on, put your mind into it, Kyoko-chan~" Eirina said with an encouraging tone, while at the same time, she would savor the whole experience as she watched Kyoko plunging two of her fingers into her own snatch. She licked her lips, clearly enjoying herself as she watched her prisoner masturbating right in front of her. "Also, don't forget to moan. Moan is a must!"

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Re: The Doktor's Appointment

Unread post by Fairy Dragon » Wed May 15, 2019 4:37 pm

Keeping at the perverted desire of Eirina, Kyoko was working on herself and trying to keep it at a steady pace while Kyoko saw the hunger in the Frau Doktor's eyes. How much she was enjoying this both because it was her doing it and because she was just that perverted in that regards. The Belly Queen felt her climax continuing to build while she was starting to moan mostly because Eirina seemed to be demanding it of her.

"Huggh..Aahhhh.." Kyoko moaned, the second one coming out more naturally then the first as her fingers thrusted in herself as much as possible. Kyoko's heads were struggling to focus on anything, she tried to keep an eye on Eirina but she felt the urge to let her eyes roll back a few minutes later. But her hands were picking up speed as she started to breathe heavier.

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