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Re: 29/11/17

Unread post by Vcom7418 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:07 am

As Asuka introduced herself to Rebecca, Aoi and Ariel, Clara very quickly rushed to the living room, grabbing the last available chair there...and realizing that, if she were to get one more guest, she would have to move everyone...and their chairs...and the table, back to the living room, as the sofa and the additional table would accomodate enough people, even if 6 more people were to arrive.

After putting the chair at the table, she quickly told the brunette streamer: "Here you go!", motioning for her to take a sit.

Right as she sat down herself, Clara would appear in the dining room, wearing GASTER's custom made shirt...with Melody doing quite a remark, causing the raven-haired Brit to blush a very...very deep shade of red. She was too shy to say anything to Melody...but her sentiment would be shared by her namesake, who would shout at the rocker for her comment...

"P...please, sit down, hope the shirt isn't too tight..."

Also, she would notice that...she didn't really have a lot of drinks on the table!

"Oh! Give me a moment...what would everyone like to drink? Fair warning, I don't have any alcohol...", she would say, standing up and reaching for a shelf in her kitchen to check what she has..."Plenty of other soft drinks though!"

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