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Re: 29/11/17

Unread post by Vcom7418 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:07 am

As Asuka introduced herself to Rebecca, Aoi and Ariel, Clara very quickly rushed to the living room, grabbing the last available chair there...and realizing that, if she were to get one more guest, she would have to move everyone...and their chairs...and the table, back to the living room, as the sofa and the additional table would accomodate enough people, even if 6 more people were to arrive.

After putting the chair at the table, she quickly told the brunette streamer: "Here you go!", motioning for her to take a sit.

Right as she sat down herself, Clara would appear in the dining room, wearing GASTER's custom made shirt...with Melody doing quite a remark, causing the raven-haired Brit to blush a very...very deep shade of red. She was too shy to say anything to Melody...but her sentiment would be shared by her namesake, who would shout at the rocker for her comment...

"P...please, sit down, hope the shirt isn't too tight..."

Also, she would notice that...she didn't really have a lot of drinks on the table!

"Oh! Give me a moment...what would everyone like to drink? Fair warning, I don't have any alcohol...", she would say, standing up and reaching for a shelf in her kitchen to check what she has..."Plenty of other soft drinks though!"
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Unread post by anime_hentaifighter » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:07 pm

Ariel was wondering if this was how it usually went for Gaster and her friends as she had trouble figuring when the others were being serious or joking.However so far it seems they were all just having fun as she would just sit back and enjoy the show as the latest party guest had introduced herself as she would shake the Japanese teen's hand as she watch as Asuka would grab the last available chair in the room.

They were then rejoined by Clare as she would admit the shirt that she was currently wearing was a bit too tight.Still it was better then notice when she heard the host ask if anyone would want something to drink.Feeling a bit thirsty she would just smile as she hear what was being offered as she yelled ''a glass of water would be lovely.Still do you need some help with getting those drinks?''

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Unread post by Dragonofdarkness » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:11 am

"what kinda of pop do you have GASTER?" Aoi asked at she was nudge by an elbow form Rebecca. "what? she offered" Aoi said as Rebecca looked at GASTER. "well take some water as well lord GASTER " Rebecca said as she would look at Aoi who pouted. Aoi wanted soda but she would just pout knowing this wasn't her idea but would let Rebecca have her way for now.

Aoi would blush looking at Clara's chest as the girl had really big breast. She would then look at her chest again and hated how she had a modest chest. Aoi would then grab Rebeccas hand. "you had enough okay?" Aoi said as Rebecca was mostly the one eating the tako yaki and Aoi remember GASTER wanted some of the tako yaki.

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