Katherine Hart vs Karen Starring - Settle The Score

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Re: Katherine Hart vs Karen Starring - Settle The Score

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With the full support of the crowd cheering for her and a full head of steam against the downed Karen in the corner, The Super Kitty looked to follow through on her offense! To put an exclamation point on top of the momentum she had built up! A string of moves like this could easily set up for a finisher to close the match out in a decisive win! Kat could feel it in her bones. Victory wasn't far off from here!

But Karen could feel it too. Far too often did Starring find herself on the receiving end of fat jokes and boob jokes. They drew attention away from her merits as a wrestler. That nigh unprecedented strength and her ability to make good use of it! The buxom luchadora had rebounded off the ropes across the ring and made a beeline for Karen! And in that brief moment, Karen grabbed hold of the ropes above and pulled herself up to her feet in preparation for a comeback! Starring sacrificed technique in favor of timing! The raven-haired brute brought her arm up and slung it forwards, ensuing in a wicked Lariat that capitalized on both her own strength and Kat's momentum!

"ARGH!" Kat cried out as Karen's thick arm collided with the side of her masked head! Her Hip Attack became ineffective as a result! Kat went down while holding her head with both hands, her momentum carrying her under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring! In just one quick motion, all the cheers around the arena from the fans transitioned to gasps and boos. Karen had derailed Kat completely! The luchadora remained floored on the outside for a few moments. By the time she'd find her way to her feet, if left uninterrupted, the official would have started counting! Meanwhile, Kat was coping with the reality that she had always accepted internally but never acknowledged externally: Karen was a much better wrestler than she had ever given her credit for.
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