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Ladies Libre!

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Hey, folks! Glad to be here, and looking forward to getting involved in some new RP around here! Just a couple of notes about me:

- I'm open to whatever RP folks might want to do, but I'm more inclined to working on matches right now. I've over-extended myself in the past, taking on more threads about than I could keep up with, getting involved in stories that were more ambitious than I was prepared for. As it stands, I really only want to get into one thread per character. [UPDATE: I'm loosening up on this idea, pending how it goes]
- I've been told in the past that folks weren't sure about approaching me for a thread, because I write long posts. I do tend to get a bit long-winded sometimes, which is something I need to work on. I try to start from writing as much as my partners, then get a bit carried away. If you write shorter posts, I'm totally cool with that (as long as I get enough to work with, of course!).

Women's Middleweight Division

GEMMA FARADAY, the Air Raid Siren


British high-flyer and hardcore wrestler, with a pedigree on the British scene. After a long and somewhat disastrous career in Japan, Gemma has violently broken things off with her tag team partner and struck out on her own. Whether she can do better on her own or not, however, remains to be seen.
STATUS: Active, available

HOLLY MATHESON, The British Bombshell


A British wrestler who tries to find her place in the ring. After working as a manager and valet, Holly has decided she wants to feel the thrill of competition. After a somewhat abysmal showing in the tag team division, Holly finds herself trying to do her best as a singles competitor. Tenuously holding on to her fan support, Holly waits for her one big break.
STATUS: Active, possibly available



Professional bodybuilder turned professional wrestler, who struggles to earn the respect of the fans. Self-conscious and perpetually nervous, Hana is trying to shake off her rookie status while struggling against some of the most powerful wrestlers in all of Japan.
STATUS: Active, currently in storyline



Hedonistic wrestler from the United States, Felicity loves picking up as many trophies as she can from her opponents. Considering herself "bad luck" for her opponents, the self-styled Black Cat looks to cheat her way to as many trophies and accolades as she can in the business.
STATUS: Active, possibly available for matches

Soledad Vega


The bad girl of Puerto Rican wrestling, returning to the ring! As vivacious as she is vicious, Sola mixed nasty street fighting tactics with submission acumen and raw sex appeal to break down her opponents in every way she can!
STATUS: Active, currently in debut match.

MISTY, The Acended Fangirl


A newcomer to the sport of wrestling, who is better at connecting with the fans than putting together a solid offense. Despite her inexperience, Misty is eager to take what she has learned from her friends on the independent scene, and apply it to the big leagues in LAW!
STATUS: Active, currently looking for debut match

Drunken Master, Betty West


Wild party girl turned backyard wrestler hoping to turn international competitor, Betty is a brawler constantly in search of a good time. Somewhat inexperienced, but more than making up for it in enthusiasm and liquid courage, Betty is looking for that big brawl that will help her break out on the big stages of LAW!
STATUS: Active, currently awaiting debut




A veteran of the British professional wrestling scene, and the disappointed mother of Gemma Faraday. Eager to put the cuter, prettier girls of LAW in their place, though she still has a strong support for the spirit of the business itself.
STATUS: Active, currently in matches.




An inexperienced rookie that positions herself as a cartoon heroine. Driven to succeed and unable to consider failure, Kamen Moon wants to challenge the most evil wrestlers she can, to prove herself a champion of the people!
STATUS: Active, possibly available for matches

A new pair of fresh faces on the tag team scene, ready to make a splash!
STATUS: Active, ready for a debut match

El Blanco Sombre


A young and lithe luchador traveling the world to perfect his craft, El Blanco Sombre is trying to prove himself despite a small frame and singular focus int he world of wrestling. Feeling the need to prove himself despite falling short of his legendary persona, Blanco Sombre is prepared to take on any challenge, no matter how big or small, to try and make a name for himself as a global wrestling star.
STATUS: Active, currently seeking a match.



A stable of luchadoras from Mexico, looking to make a splash on the international scene. Made up of veterans such as Santa Tigresa IV and Blanco Sombre, as well as new blood such as Vida Fenix, Silencia and Hija del Dragon, Las Superestrellas are looking to become a dominant force in professional wrestling. Driven to win, they also view themselves as ambassadors, wanting to spread the glory of lucha libre all over the world, at the expense of whatever wrestlers will challenge them!
STATUS: Active, possibly available for matches



A green rookie, on loan to LAW from another promotion to help educate him on ring work. Fundamentally and physically solid, trying to find that 'x' factor that will help distinguish him in the ring.
STATUS: Looking for debut

American Empire


A pair of cocky, powerhouse Americans. Resentful of foreigners becoming popular in their homeland, the duo has decided to travel abroad and punish wrestlers from other parts of the world on their own turf!
STATUS: Looking for debut
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