Devilish's Devils

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Devilish's Devils

Unread post by Devilish53 » Thu May 25, 2017 6:09 pm


Always open to thread ideas. I do have a thread request thread now though, which I will be updating as often as I can. If the character you'd most like a thread with isn't on there however, I'd still likely be up for a thread or atleast discussing it.

Thread Request Thread


Secret FightersShow


Diana Accera, Eileen Sommers, Amelie Roux, Moira Pandela and Mizaki Tantka are all available for mixed matches/threads.
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Re: Devilish's Devils

Unread post by Devilish53 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:31 pm


If by chance you're interested in what my girls are up to currently, then here you go!

Karen Starring
Karen fights her doppelganger, in the form of powerhouse Izzy Delrey!
Karen is trying to keep her curves, in a special stipulation match against Big Jenny.

Lea is making her PPV debut, and currently showing the Super Kitty Katherine Hart just what is in store for LAW!

And she's fighting hand-in-hand with Emerald, against the Wings Of Wrestling!
Silver is declaring herself bedroom queen...but she's not alone?!

Diana Accera
Diana is currently taking on Sandy White, in her second event match. The Summer Submission Spectacular!
Sylvie Leblanc and Diana are going at it, in quite the steamy match!
All the while, Mako Adachi makes herself known to Diana, in peculiar fashion!

Amelie Roux
Amelie is getting attached, to poor little Eve Summers!
Whilst cuddling with one Nayla Ameera, in a bedroom match!
And of course, wetting her feet in a beach match, against a giant known curiously as 'Darkness!'

Honoka Kobayashi
Aoi and GASTER surprise Honoka with a rather cute visit!
Whilst the lightweight war rages on!
And not long after, she opts to return to the ring in a solo manner, in an effort to gain that illustrious first win, against debuting star Rosie Knuckles!
And even steps up to Rebecca Watsumi yet again, in a smother based match-up!

Michelle Saunders
Michelle and Karin are duking out on the beach in playful fashion!

Nariko Hirano
Nariko is facing her biggest foe yet, in the Constrictor Valentina!

Eileen Sommers
With the queens altogether, Eileen and Jessica Wright are targeting poor little Ducky Williams!
Whilst finally stepping foot in the ring, against despised mortal enemy Daisuke, in a I Quit match no less!

Valentina Neito
Valentina's training with Moonyoung continues!

Anna Harris
Audrey Hunter is taking Anna for quite the ride, in a beach match nonetheless!

Rangiku Matsumoto
Rangiku is finally getting revenge on Jessica Carter, and holds back nothing!

Charlotte Foster
Charlotte is taking on the behemoth known as Renata Tavares, in standard fashion!
Whilst putting strength against strength, with the figure known as Black Tiger!

Moira Pandela
Moira comes for vengeance against Emma!

Viviana Accera
Viviana's second day in LAW begins, with a furious spar against Hikaru Sawazaki!

Tara Kwan
In a more casual day, Tara and the rest of WiP opt to get some munch. And apparently, expand!
And in private, Tara gets her freak on, with Marissa Winters!

Marissa Wiltsure
Eager to cover the humiliation of defeat in the annual KO tournament, Marissa steps up to the plate against one Jessica Wright!

Currently Seeking The Start Of Her LAW Career!

Mizaki Tantka
Mizaki tries to survive a horrific beating, at the hands of a duo part of a group known only as the Queens!

Marianne Vernon
And finally, Marianne debuts against Yoko Littner, in the bedroom nonetheless!
With the events of that encounter leaving the stacked beauty wandering the showers of LAW themselves, earning her an encounter with a new face on the block - Natalie Novokov!
And finally, she makes her debut in-ring, against Lindsay Queen!
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