Devilish's Devils

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Devilish's Devils

Unread post by Devilish53 » Thu May 25, 2017 6:09 pm


Always open to thread ideas. I do have a thread request thread now though, which I will be updating as often as I can. If the character you'd most like a thread with isn't on there however, I'd still likely be up for a thread or atleast discussing it.

Thread Request Thread

Also below is a link to a template for the profiles I used (if a simplified one). Feel free to have at it!

Profile Template


Secret FightersShow



Diana Accera, Eileen Sommers, Amelie Roux, Moira Pandela and Mizaki Tantka are all available for mixed matches/threads.
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Re: Devilish's Devils

Unread post by Devilish53 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:31 pm


If by chance you're interested in what my girls are up to currently, then here you go!

Karen Starring
Karen and Alaina are looking to settle things once and for all, in a cage!
Karen and Ducky look to fight forever, and define their rivalry!
At long last, Kyoko Akan and Karen Starring are meeting again!
Whilst Karen dukes it out with a newfound star in Kaylie KO!
...And she battles Dana Ashford, hoping of course to settle the score!

Currently plotting!

Silver and Rose Gold are practising some MMA!
Silver makes her first crown defence, against Kat Hart!
...Whilst also throwing the crown on the line against Zarina Torres!
...And she's also set to scuffle with fellow giant and friend, Big Jenny!

Diana Accera
Diana and Alexia are currently trying to maim one another in a deathmatch!
Whilst she ties it up with Jessica Wright, in a standard match!

Amelie Roux
Amelie and Lola look to smother one another out!
Amelie and Robin bump into one another, in a hefty manner!

Honoka Kobayashi
Rebecca is helping Honoka train!

Layla Dougan-Roux
Layla and Eli are getting cosy in a hotel match!
Whilst Layla takes a swipe at Yoko's Bedroom Belt!

Nariko Hirano
Nariko searches for answers, regarding a certain belt!

Eileen Sommers
Eileen continues to delve into the world of inter-gender match ups, with a match against Jay!
Eileen and Tristan are butting heads, in a standard mixed match!
Whilst also duking it out with Sasuke!
Eileen, Eirina and Ducky all look to end things, in a climatic triple threat for the LAW Hentai Championship!
Eileen and her cohorts move things forward...with violent results!

Valentina Neito
Valentina is butting heads against Susana, in a standard match!

Anna Harris
Anna and Roseline are fighting in nought but bra and panties!

Rangiku Matsumoto
Rangiku and Maria butt heads, in the usual place!

Charlotte Foster

Petra Adamos
Petra and Trent are having a curious first meeting!
...Whilst having her official debut against Lauren Fredericks!

Moira Pandela
Moira and Marlee are throwing down in a I quit match!
Moira and Yuna throw down, with quite a peculiar feat in play; that being the fact that Moira is not the biggest in the ring!

Viviana Accera
Viviana and newcomer Alizeh are tying it up in a hardcore spar!

Tara Kwan
Tara butts heads with Xia, as she makes a swipe at the Belly Belt!

Marissa Wiltsure

Currently Plotting

Mizaki Tantka
Mizaki and Orochi are duking it out, in a standard though undoubtedly kinky encounter!

Marianne Vernon
Marianne and Sunny are splashing it up in a poolside match!
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