Noob's Cavalcade of Combatants

Here, you can post your collective roster so that your list of characters can be all in one place. Users are encouraged to link to their roster pages in their signatures.
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Noob's Cavalcade of Combatants

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Noob's Cavalcade of Combatants

Few things about me first

I’m always open to new ideas or constructive criticisms and I’m usually happy to talk about just about anything. If ya have questions, please ask. I check my PMs often and feel free to ask for my Discord

I do try my best to match people’s posts and I expect an effort to do the same since it really shouldn’t be hard to post 4 lines. If I’m making it hard, please tell me and I’ll try to change. That being said, I can guarantee a consistent 6-7 lines but sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to keep up with more than that on a constant basis.

If I posted something that was hard to understand, not consistent, or has any errors, or you’d just like to change, please tell me and I’ll gladly try to fix it.

I like to plan who wins before the match usually and maybe some specific spots. Other than that I’ll play it by ear. If planning ain’t your thing, I’m fine with that too but just give me a few preferences to work with

The preferred matches part isn’t definitive, just looking to give people a bit of an idea…I’m kind of unimaginative sometimes when it comes to that category

Smothers and squeezes are always a plus in my book :P

I’d like to keep weapons, blood, and broken bones out of my matches for the most part.

Here’s the roster (the names are links to their page)

Suzume Sheska – Suzume is little more than a bookworm. The only difference is that this lightweight is up to date on her fighting skills. She generally goes for some quick strikes and submission holds in order to bring her opponent down. Suzume happens to be terribly shy however and is flustered quite easily. Talk to her about something she likes however and you’ll have a hard time shutting her up.
Preferred matches: Anything that sounds cute or funny, Anything in general if I can find a valid reason for throwing her into it.
Julia Hiroshi – She’s a gymnast who likes to show off her flexibility. She’ll try to stretch her opponent out until they can’t bend anymore, and then she’ll stretch further. If she can’t bend her opponent then she will find a way to choke them out. Julia is middle of the road in terms of stats and talents. She tries to keep matches competitive but light hearted.
Preferred matches: KO only, Submission only, standard, hentai
Erin Quinn – Erin excels at two things, picking things up and putting them down. The middleweight focuses on strikes and slams, using her strength to her advantage whenever possible. Describing herself as not the sharpest bulb or the brightest tool, she rarely tries to outsmart an opponent and will just try and power through anything. While a bit rough around the edges and often oblivious Erin tries to keep things lighthearted no matter which side of a beat down she finds herself on.
Preferred matches: Anything except just hentai
Kiera Quinn – Kiera is the younger, smarter, and faster sister of Erin Quinn and aside from being smaller, the two middleweights share a similar personality. Kiera doesn't have the power of her sister and instead focuses on submission and in some cases the more lewd aspects of wrestling in LAW. Being the youngest child in her large family, Kiera is perhaps a little too scrappy than most and if left to her own devices will often get herself into trouble.
Preferred matches: Anything
Kohaku Kamiya - Kohaku is a cute little imp. She always likes to have fun at the expense of others. The multicolored haired wrestler will do whatever she needs to win but also understands that her opponent might do the same. Her motto is "Don't get mad, get even." Kohaku uses submissions and sometimes a smother to tire out her opponent before going in for the finish.
Preferred matches: Anything.
Meili Zhang – Meili is as confident as they come, perhaps bordering on arrogant. Referring to herself as China's greatest export, this heavyweight is looking to show anyone and everyone exactly how great she is. Mei focuses on getting her opponent in a hold and then teasing them until they finally tap out. While larger than a lot of wrestlers she's far from the biggest and is not very proficient at throwing her weight around.
Preferred matches: Submission only, hentai
Fantasy Roster

Ally Reish - description in progress
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Noob's Cavalcade of Combatants
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