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Sucker Punch's Roster

Unread post by SuckerPunch » Fri Dec 27, 2019 7:15 pm

Author's Notes:Show
Thanks for taking the time to peruse my characters! Before diving too deep, there are some things I'd like you to know!

-I try to respond fairly quickly, within a day. I'm able to best engage with a story/match when posts come at least once every other day, though preferably once a day or more.

-When I share a match with somebody I like to treat it as collaborative storytelling. Two authors improvising a story together! That means that I like to plan out aspects of our match. Things like spots, the finish, and what narrative we are telling together!

-I'm not especially fond of IM RP. I have made exceptions in the past, but in general, I prefer my work to be on a public forum. I write my matches with hopes that others will read and enjoy the content we create together, like I did before joining!

-I don't love intergender matches. However, as with all things, if you have an excellent pitch you're passionate about, feel free to workshop it with me! My fondness is for passion and excitement! If you get me hyped about your hype, I'm likely to want to be an active participant!

-Never be afraid to ask or pitch ideas! I'm very open and interested in collaborating with the community to breathe life into their vision! We're a very niche community full of even smaller micro-niches. Nothing is off limits. But please be respectful if I decline!

-Let's have fun and write exciting stories together! Whether they're edge of your seat action, cute backstage segments that lead to deeper stories, or sensual battles of sexual superiority!

-The best way to reach me is by DM on discord. SuckerPunch#7344
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Rose Gold
Rose GoldShow
Rose Gold is an up and coming Lightweight contender. A series of painful, humiliating losses recently led Rose Gold to turn to Heel tactics to prove to herself that she is good enough! Rose Gold enjoys humiliating and hurting her opponents to validate her own strength! Rose Gold is a split personality. Out of the ring, Kelsea Rose, is a kind, reserved young woman with a big heart. Rose Gold, her wrestling persona is her way of engaging with her Id.

Themes: Rose is currently receiving a push towards the title scene. Scenes engaging her split personality or targeting humiliation are especially strong themes for Rose Gold. Submission maneuvers will likely play a big role!

Match Types: Any. Especially Lightweight.

Dr. Mina Takemi; Middleweight MILF
Dr. Mina TakemiShow
Dr. Mina Takemi is an aging wrestler coming out of retirement. An injury in her younger years took her off the scene and turned her towards a life of academia. She became a professor and trainer. However, a protege of hers inspired her to take up her wrestling dreams once more! Dr. Takemi is a powerful middleweight who uses her wits to shake the confidence of her opponents to open them up to her crushing offense. She has a dearth of knowledge, but struggles with the fact that she is less athletically capable than her younger contemporaries. Despite her experience, she is playing catch-up!

Themes: Mina's themes revolve around the gap between generations. Alternatively, Mina is a therapist. Matches that focus on ring psychology and getting into the head of her opponent are great targets for Mina. Whether this is a character crumpling under their inherent weakness (or fetish) or them overcoming it to grasp victory! It should play some role in the match! This can be true of backstage segments as well! She has a nurturing motherly side that can sometimes be conflated with her interest in younger women.

Match Types: Any; Mina is a psychologist who does her therapy in the ring! Come make an appointment!

Dawn McDowell; The Indebted Darling
Dawn McDowellShow
Dawn McDowell is a Ryona Doll. Dawn is a talentless wrestler who got into the business by hook and crook! She is indebted to the Yakuza and does not get to pick her matches or attire. She is a daft woman who's greatest strength is her misplaced confidence.

Themes: Dawn is a jobber! She fights for money to free herself and her family from debt. A popular running theme for Dawn is that the LAW audience eagerly consumes beautiful women being beaten and humiliated within the constraints of professional wrestling.

Match Types: Any, she probably won't win. Unless winning is somehow losing.
Mixed Fighters
Sister Agnes; The Patron Saint of Sexfighting
Sister AgnesShow
Sister Agnes is a veteran sexfighter. A zealot who believes she can cleanse the world of evil one ejaculation at a time! Her body is as lewd as her actions and she seeks to deliver the men of LAW into toe-curling righteous absolution.

Themes: Sister Agnes is pure in her desires and does not see anything wrong with what she's doing. She is likely to be a dominating force. But even dominators get dominated! If you've got a cruel heel you want brought to justice via their sensual defeat or a cutesy boy who needs to be taught about his body, Sister Agnes is here to serve. Sister Agnes was designed to answer all of the Intergender Match interest I have received.

Match Types: Their are no match restrictions. Expect Sister Agnes to look to end the match in as lewd a way possible. By hand, foot, mouth, or more sensitive area!
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