Van's Vanity Girls

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Van's Vanity Girls

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Unfortunately, I don't know how to makes things spiffy with putting pictures and using them as links themselves. So have at it!
Be adventureous! Click on the links and find out whose interest you the best!

Valentina Morozova
- Style: Crusher, Bearhugger, The Constrictor. The Monster from Russia who locks her powerful arms around her opponent and refuses to let go.

Alison Seong
- Style: Powerhouse, Heavy Hitter, All Around Nasty Woman. The Woman who casts aside everything the pursuit of fame and fortune. Mostly casts aside beaten women and trash.


Jackal Tojo
- Style: The Number One, All-Arounder Champion, And the Ambitious Queen of Shangri-La. Her Conquest of the West completed, Jackal returns to the Land of the Rising Sun to reclaim her homeland with her banner!

-Style: Residential Psychopath, Brawler, Sexy Fighter. She who does what she wants when she wants, there is nothing that Alexia chooses not to do. Besides not fighting.

Da Xia
-Style: The Smiling Demon from China. Beneath her joyful exterior lays a cold-hearted bully!

Rei Tachibana
-Style: Sexfighter, Grappler, Talented Groper. The Star Who drifted off into the shadows of the Porn World. Also she's a pervert. A calm, collected pervert. Loves women.

Reiko Hinomoto
-Style: All-Rounder, Balanced, Determined Go-Getter. Alumni from the Rumble Roses tournament, she takes on all challenges from all challengers!

Marissa Winters
-Style: New comer to the World of wrestling! Still has yet to find a specific style, so she's all over the place.

Sarah Luther
-Style: Sadistic, Cruel, and has a huge appetite....for Destruction!


Lena Reid
-Style: High Flyer, Speedster, Uncontrollable Ball of Sunshine!

Noelle Eclair Osborne
-Style: Submissionist, Ceaseless Mocker, And Suspected Sadist.


Yuka Yamashita

Most of my girls that are going to be here will be up for usually any types of match! Feel free to ask me to have my girls participate in any sort of match!

Also you can find me on Trillian as OmegaVan0!
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