Winter Warriors

Here, you can post your collective roster so that your list of characters can be all in one place. Users are encouraged to link to their roster pages in their signatures.
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Winter Warriors

Unread post by Winter » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:48 am

Winter Warriors!
Stuff to KnowShow
  • I didn't really need this with just two characters right now, but I wanted to make a pretty.
  • I don't bite. If you want to mention anything, do it! I like crazy ideas, too, and at worst I might not think an idea fits.
  • With that in mind, I should also say, I don't really have all the time I want to write. For that reason, I may agree to do a thread, but have to delay it until another one has finished. Let's say like two or, at a stretch, three for each girl (ignore that I'm already at four with Arlise mkay, I got tempted by ideas). You can always message me about ideas, however.
  • My girls can win or lose, I care not one bit. I can come up with stories just fine either way.
  • Additionally, both current ladies are suitable for a variety of matches or backstage things. I don't take them too seriously. Bring friends, enemies, tripping over each other, smother matches, iron woman, whatever.
---------Click on the Gifs for Character Sheets!---------
Arlise Christiaens (currently unavailable!)
The List to Come:
KillerV (after current FvM match is completed)

Lucy White (currently unavailable!)
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