The Jailbirds

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The Jailbirds

Unread post by RiotGrrl » Mon May 22, 2017 6:19 pm

Team Name: The Jailbirds - Charlotte, Jayden & Roxy

Name: Charlotte Slater - The Common Thief
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Eyes: Black (like her heart)
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Nationality: British
Alignment: Heel

Name: Jayden Tyler - The Common Thug
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black with Purple Highlights
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155lbs
Nationality: British
Alignment: Heel

Name: Roxy Jones - The Mastermind
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Black
Hair: Platinum Blonde (almost white)
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190lbs
Nationality: British
Alignment: Heel

Combined Weight: 475ibs

Entrance Music: Police On My Back - The Clash

Strategy: Charlotte is the tickster with speed and holds, Jayden is the powerhouse with slams and splashes and Roxy is the deviant who loves to smother
Style: Wrestling
Type: Heels. Cheats. Criminals.

Preferred Matches: Tag Team and Handicap Matches

Favored moves: Chokes, Arm Locks, Figure 4, Slams, Splashes, Corner Work, Distraction, Ceiling Hold, Boston Crab, Crossface, Camel Clutch, Backbreaker, Piledriver, Anything illegal. Smothers, Double Teaming, Weapons

When Double Teaming: Fast and Illegal Tags, Cheating,


Prison Bitch: As the name suggests, this is a humiliating move that the girls use 95% of the time. Charlotte lays on her tummy as Jayden or Roxy drags the exhausted rival over to her partner. Roxy then pushes the victims face between Charlotte's ample buttcheeks and immediately sits on the back of their head to ensure a tight smother. For added effect, Jayden will join Roxy in squashing the poor girl taking a seat on their back. One of them can grab and pin down their hands to make escape almost impossible. Due to Roxy being the heavier of the three, shifting her or Jayden, or even crying for a submission is a race against time before passing out.

Maximum Sentence: Charlotte applies a surfboard style submission with their body arched back and hands held. She often places her boot on their back to push for more pressure. Jayden and Roxy then run to the ropes and bounces off to deliver a drop kick to their face to KO them for a team assisted pin under their combined 475lbs weight.

Lock Down: The girls work for a submission on this one. Jayden or Roxy applies a camel clutch whilst Charlotte applies a boston crab to bend the unfortunate victim painfully into a C shape. The remaining girl often mocks or taunts the trapped girl.

Hentai Finisher:

Hard Time: With a rival on their back, Roxy applies a reverse facesit and lifts up their legs, spreading them wide open. From there, Charlotte and Jayden take turns in pleasuring their victim orally for a humiliating Hentai finisher.

Physical Appearance:


Personality/History: Charlotte, Jayden and Roxy have been in and out of the prison system since they turned 18. Both are from deprived areas of England and it has made the girls tough, rough and hardened criminals. They dont care who they beat up and will happily punish anyone who dares to face them. They are not the sort of girls you take home to meet your mother!

Charlotte is the smaller and quicker of the two. She will use flying moves, submissions and of course will blatantly cheat to get the win. She by trade is a common thief she is used to tricking people, distracting them and generally robbing them of not only their money but their pride also. Charlotte is blessed with a "bubble butt" and led her to have a lot of attention in prison. She had her first lesbian experience in prison at 19 and since then has no issues with sexing up a rival to put them off. She actually enjoys getting close to other girls and has a significant weakness for redheads or girls that are inexperienced. She also is quite happy to dominate guys. To her it is all a power game.

Jayden is bigger and heaver and can be considered the "muscle" of the team. She will use slams, throws, splashes and anything that shows her physical dominance. She has applied holds but considered it unnecessary when a you can give someone a good "kicking" (her words) and beat them down. As with her partner in crime (ha!) she has been in the prison system for a long time and it has made her hard. She was an enforcer on her wing which meant that physical domination and sexual domination was all part of her life. As such she too will turn to erotic attacks as needed. Unlike Charlotte, she has no real preference for girls or guys and is just here for the chance to "slap some bitches silly!" (her words)

Roxy is the criminal mastermind. She is a complete deviant and will smother girls at every opportunity with all parts of her body. Due to a court order, a lot of her history has been kept secret making her a mysterious prospect. She hardly talks except to taunt and to mock, preferring to let Charlotte and Jayden wear down a victim before she is tagged in to squash them under her huge weight.

The trio are common, uncooth and ready for a fight at a moments notice. They have little in the way of morals and only work together because they enjoy the money which is better than thievery or enforcement.
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