The League of Evil

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The League of Evil

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members: Yumbo or Digger Yamamoto and the masked wrestler known as Hornet look at individual profiles for more details

entrence music when together:

tactics: these two will pull any trick they can to win as seen in the picture above weapons cheap shots whatever you can consider as cheating they'll do it

Tag team moves: Yumbo will place a helpless oppenent on the ropes between the legs as the two grab one leg and drag the poor soul against the ropes into the nearest turnbuckle

another method is that Hornet will put an opponent in a camle clutch as Yumbo starts stomping away at the exposed chest

Information: not much is known as how the two met but it had to be at Miyabi gym and the two were friends every since making a big impace in the world of Japaneses women's wrestling as perhaps the longest reigning tag team champions in BWQ destroying anyone who tried to take them away that is untill the team of Sakura and Misaki beat the two and took the titles awau from them the two wanting to get back at them and find a way to get new titles the gym caught wind of a new wrestling league called LAW and that several of Berserk girls have already entered it not wanting this chance slip through their fingers the two most well known have signed up to start a new path of destruction and leave bodies everywhere
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