The Beginning of the Bright Era

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The Beginning of the Bright Era

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"Disgrace and Defilement!" Screamed a voice for all to hear across the arena though no one could quite pinpoint where the voice was it sounded much like someone they had heard enough times before. "I have given all I could for the sake of having fun and showing up for all to see! Instead I have been cast out while my chilling companion has gone off to find a new shade of red and been allowed access to the promise land. So here I stand, abandoned and betrayed by all. But then I heard a voice." Suddenly the voice was pinpointed towards one specific location with Chelsea waltzing out visible for all to see from her position in the VIP box mic in hand but what she had was something very distinct on her face.
"A voice warning me of another coming battle. One that they prepared me for while I was left to the wasteside and cast out to watch with the peasants, both beloved and scorned. But I'm done waiting, with the coming Winter comes a call to action to bring about the Spring again! I am the agent of the light, I am the Bright Lord! and you, will all bear witness!" Just as quickly as Chelsea's words were out of her mouth the lights in the area flickered off and the masked women was gone again. Before anyone could even ask her a simple question.

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