Every Rose Has It's Thorns

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Every Rose Has It's Thorns

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Candy Cane was not pleased...

That was easy enough for most to see as she stood in the center of the ring, arms folded under her chest with a microphone in one hand. She looked rather annoyed and it wasn't too difficult to guess why. She had just come off her defeat at the hands of Aisha, a woman...a rival...which she couldn't stand to be one upped by. They were like oil and water to one another, and Candy Cane was sick of getting knocked about by the likes of rich divas like her.

She had defeated Aisha in their first match, only to brawl with her after she had taken her shower, which then later led into a mud match between the two which Aisha had managed to beat her in. Since the start of her career in Rumble Roses, she'd always felt as if Aisha thought herself better than the punk rocker, of course she did. The blonde diva was rich, successful....she had all that Candy Cane hadn't been able to get. Even in RR, she had been able put Candy Cane down from time to time...

When they came to LAW though....Becky had finally been able to prove herself, defeating Aisha in their first match at this new league and starting a new chapter! Though that had been evened out by the pop idol now and that was not something that Candy Cane was going to allow! She tightened her hand around that microphone, bringing it up towards her lips.

" AISHA!" Candy Cane let out as she stood firm in the center of the ring, staring at the top of the ramp. Using the actual name of the pop idol, it seemed as if the punk rocker was rather serious now and wanted Aisha to know as much. " We aren't finished yet....far from it, you Beyoncé wannabe..." Candy Cane let out as she would take a deep breath. " Get your ass down to this ring...!" She let out into the microphone in that serious tone.

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