Celeste Amoure presents the sexiest belt in LAW (open for everyone)

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Celeste Amoure presents the sexiest belt in LAW (open for everyone)

Unread post by anime_hentaifighter » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:09 am

disclaimer and rules for this threadShow
Alright everyone this thread is open to everyone , but their are some rules.
However let me first explain what this thread is for. One of my characters is the commissionaire for hentai division , and this will be a reveal of the belt and her own reveal as the commissionaire. Still for those unsure how to act this will likely be like what you see on law when all the wrestlers either walk out to talk to the champ to demand/ask for a title shot while he/she is talking. So cut me off ^^

1 You can only post once for each character or tagteam you want to be part of this. And a total of two post at most so you can only bring two characters into this thread. (A tagteam or stable counts as one character for the rules)
2 If your interested in the hentai title or just the small event/pvv that will happen around April this is how you make that clear.
3 I choice who gets to fight for the hentai title in the end. Who wins is up to however I end up Choosing as I can't predict the future and situations can chance so we will see what happens.
4 Will likely end this thread within two weeks on February the 12th

Ps Does interested will get invited to a discord room that's about the event so expect a invite if you got discord.If not I send a pm
Celeste was glad that everything when according to plans as the blond had succeeded in some of her goals. As it did not take a lot to convince the owner of this league that she was the right woman for the job to run this division.What made it even better was the fact she could get an promotion , and be in charge of a lot more if everything went well as she was dressed in one of the finest white attires as she was wearing white pants , a tanktop that exposed her mid segment and a long white cape as she expected the fans to go nuts over her announcement.

Finally came the moment that Celeste had bin waiting for as she got her cue as some generic music started to play as she thought to herself ''note to self.Make sure the boys who are in charge of entrance music make something amazing for me'' while she stepped onto the entrance ramp.From their she made her way to the ring as the fans wondered what was going on. As she climbed up the steel steps she would receive a microphone from one of the people at ringside as she would wait to talk until she was in the center of the ring.

Once she got their she would start to speak as she said ''Can I have everyone's attention please as I would like to introduce myself.Now I doubt many of you have heard of me , but for those who are interested the the more adult side of wrestling we do here will defiantly have heard the name of Celeste Amour before. Well it my honor to announce that all you lovely people will finally get to see the wrestlers fight over the belt you all bin waiting to see. Now at the moment we are still discussion the name of this new prestige belt , but whatever we choose will have to show grace , beauty and ooze sexuality from ever pour of their body. So basically they have to be me , and I sadly doubt we got anyone in the back who qualifiers those requirements'' as she waited to see who would walk down to prove her wrong.
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Unread post by xalex » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:09 am

It wouldn´t take long after Celeste was done talking that new music would hit. 21st Century Digital Girl Everyone was expecting Karin to walk out of the backstage area into the light. But instead a mature and bigger woman would step out. It was hua shin, the mother of Karin and a pretty new face of law.
She would stop on top of the ramp and look around. Only having two appurtenance under her belt she seemed to got a lot of fan support already. The crowed would welcome her loudly and warmly while she was walking down the ramp to the ring where she would slide into the ring. She would jump back up and then walk slowly over to Celeste taking the microphone of her and stepping back again. “Hello people.” Would she scream out loudly getting a loud respond from the crowed. Then she would turn looking back to the manager. “hey there… I was just backstage and then I luckily heard that you were looking for some people going into your little dirty event. Although I have only one lose under my belt… and not really much other here in law I still got a contract that gives me the right to fight in here as much as I want. So I thought why not sign up here? That event of yours sounds like so much fun!” She would step forward standing right in front of Celeste putting a finger of hers onto the chest of the other woman. “Hm maybe with a bit luck I can face you… but I would be happy to take on everyone else as well!” Hua would bring her face closer to the face of Celeste and smile “wouldn´t you like to go down and dirty with me?”

But just before Hua could go on a new music would hit and two persons would step onto the ramp: casual Sex
The DominatrixShow
The two dutch woman would stand on top of the ramp and walk down moving their hips from side to side before walking up the stairs to the ring. The would stop close to the ropes: “sorry we don´t want to distract too long from whatever you two are doing!”, would red widow start… “we just wanted to drop the challenge for a hentai tag team match, or a handicap match… no matter what were down for it…”  

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Unread post by Rougue » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:21 pm

In the meantime while a few people announced thier participation.
Inside the crowed around the ring where listening about what was happening and they started talking to each other. The talk was about the participation in the event. One girl with long blue hair grabbed the small girl and dragged her through the crowed to the ring. They pushed everyone aside and jumped into the ring.

"Hello my name is Lucy and this cute little girl is Drya we would like to take part."
The girl shouted across to the ring to Celeste and hoped that she could take part.
"Can you explain me again why I have to take part?"
She looked at her partner and waited for her to answer. Lucy looked at Drya and started to walk around her while she explained her everything.
"At first it is a good way to show everyone that we are the strongest. Second it is a good bonding experience because now we are a family afterall and the last thing don't you thinkit is nice to get all hot and wet while you completly crush your opponent."
"I am not interested in beeing the best. Second we are no family. We are just a bunch of people who have no place elsew here and you do know that your pervy attidude is the reason Yui doesn't likes you righ?
Drya then took a good look around the people standing in the ring.
"I hope that there will come a few younger people. This one short haired blond doesn't looks like that she could get wet anymore."
The platinum bond girl laughed at the joke she just made.
"For your height you can be pretty mean you know? Yui and I just need a bit time and we will be besties you'll see. However we do every type of match from softcore to hardcore tag team match."
She told Celeste screaming again with a cheerfull tone in her voice.
"No tag team."
"Fine no tag team. With this I can show everyone way better that I am the best."
Lucy turned around and was facing now the crowed and started to shout again.
"Don't forget to cheer us on Yui."
"I start to think that I really should have stayed with Yui."

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Unread post by Dragonofdarkness » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:13 pm

Masako's music would play out as she walked out into the arena in her bikini, waving to the crowd with one hand holding a mic she would stop at the ring entrance. "hello i am Masako as most of you might have known and you should already know why im here." Masako giggled. "If any one is deserving of the hentai title then it would be a young sexy girl like me." Masako said smiling. "not some weird doms or a grand ma thats for sure. "Masako added as she looked at the doms and hua. " Masako would glance over at Drya remembering her match with with the girl before.

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Unread post by 321Shazam » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:38 am

This was an exciting time in LAW. The Hentai Title belt had been revealed and a plethora of challengers had seemingly laid claim to it. The commissioner of the hentai division essentially insulted every woman and believed that she was the most fit to be the inaugural champion which everyone seemed to have a problem with. There were two more wrestlers that seemed to take offense to Celeste's claims. The first being Talia "The Passion" Wonders.
Talia The Passion WondersShow
"You have some nerve thinking that looks are all that matter when it comes to the hentai title Celeste. I'm pretty sure all these women would gladly come down to the ring and kick your sorry ass to shut your mouth and entertain these fans. That title is a symbol the love and passion we put behind in our wrestling. If you can't see that. Then I'll have teach it to you first hand." Talia said with fire in her eyes before realizing that all the women on stage that came out were more focused on glaring at each other, because they saw all of them as competition rather than wrestlers that needed to be on the same front against this shady authority figure.

Then another theme song would blast through the speakers in the arena.
Selynda The Wonder Babe StarShow
Then came out the former Hollywood actress turned wrestler Selynda "The Wonder Babe" Star. The blonde undefeated woman would come out to cheers from the crowd before she'd say. "I've been busting my ass like all these ladies here, wrestling in that ring for these fans. You've been here awhile Celeste. Backstage just running your mouth like you're doing in the ring. I doubt you have the skill that all of us have. Any of us would make a 100x times better inaugural LAW Hentai Champion than you. Hell if you've seen any of our matches you know that's a certified fact." Selynda said as she looked at Celeste with burning passion in her voice.

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Unread post by winner3 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:18 pm

More and more women kept arriving to make their case. The hentai championship being ushered in at LAW was big news. And every interested, credible wrestler on the roster lined up to make their presence known.

Next up was Sienna Smith. Her theme would only play for a few seconds before the bikini clad diva made her presence known. She'd come out with a microphone in hand and wave to the fans quickly before her music cut out.
Sienna SmithShow
"Just pack it up now, ladies. All of you! Even you, Celeste! I don't care if you're running that title. I don't care who else wants it. I've seen more action in that LAW ring than any of you. I've worked over more women on that roster than any of you. I deserve this!

That belt's - no this company's inaugural hentai champion will be ME!"
-Winner's Winners/Full Roster

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Unread post by Anime_dreamfighter » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:22 pm

As soon as she heard her entrance music "Cowboy to the Core" start to play through the loudspeakers, Cathy Jefferson began to sashay forward into the spotlight, her perfect white teeth lit up in a dazzling smile.

Wearing her favourite wrestling attire, the yellow and brown chequered bikini top and cut off denim shorts that offset her blond hair and applefresh complexion perfectly, Cathy waved to acknowledge the crowds and grabbed the mike that was offered to her.

"Hi y'all!" the blonde American wrestler trilled happily as warm cheers erupted in the crowd. "It's great to be back here again to announce my intention to enter this l'il ol' hentai competition." Broncobuster Cathy was all set to hand the mic back when she remembered something. "Oh yeah! Representing the totally awesome Dreamfighter's Wrestling Divas, of course - yay!!!"

As the crowd broke into spontaneous applause again, the music changed to the classical sound of The Grand March of Aida, Act II, scene 2 as Cathy's stablemate Ana Satala, nicknamed the Immaculate One, strolled forward into the light and took her turn with the mic.

"Y'all know me already," Ana started off confidently. "You've seen me in hot hentai action with Cyrena Eros - wheww! [pauses to let applause wash over her] And y'all know my skills by now, and what I'm capable of! That's right [laughs] And what's more there's no doubt I can win this tournament! [another pause as she surveys the crowd] You see all that opposition? Doesn't bother me at all! Know why? Cos nobody can touch a goddess like Anahita when it comes to hentai!!"

And without further ceremony, the Iranian woman handed back the mic and moved away from the stage, head held high, letting her hips swing provocatively as she walked.
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Unread post by anime_hentaifighter » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:01 pm

Celeste was pleasantly surprised by the wrestlers who would walk out in an attempt to show her that they should be the one who she should pick as one of the two wrestlers to fight for the title. Still if any of those woman thought she would pick any of the contenders tonight then they were sadly mistaken as these things take time as she looked around the outside of the ring as she just had a cocky smirk on her face.

''While I am happy to take anyone on in an hentai match miss Hua. I am afraid that was not why we are here as I'm glad others do seem to know what it is I am trying to accomplish. Still if you think that just by coming out you possess the same qualities that I just mention then your all wrong. As it not enough to say that you deserve it Masako. Or that you think that any of your previous matches qualify you as being worthy even with names like the Passion or the Wonder babe''replied the blond as she would then look towards the ladies dressed in black leather. 'Neither does wearing leather or look sexy give you the right to suggest being placed in an tag team match Dominatrix twins. Neither do I think that two girls who are arguing with each other are good options. And while you may talk like a champion , but I don't think some little girl wearing glasses in that deserving in my eyes.Still it seems we got the best for last as I bet you get the hearts racing back home , but here your nothing special cowgirl. Neither is calling yourself a goddess as while Cyrena Eros may be a worthy opponent for the likes of you Ana. She is nothing compared to what I can do. So I will have to ask you all to try and convince me in private as I will so enjoy testing each and every one of you in the coming weeks''as she would hear that generic music she currently has as she knew the urgency to get a amazing theme song as nobody would take her seriously if this was her music.

The end
quick heads upShow
For those who wanted in , but were to late to reply in this thread. Just send me a pm or contact me on Discord or Trillian so we can discuss further options. As while it unlikely you be the first ever hentai champ. I do think I can find you a place on the card if the polls results on Winner's latest inquiry shows that most are in favor of an mini event ^^

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