The Kuretsky Crew comes after Kat!

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Re: The Kuretsky Crew comes after Kat!

Unread post by winner3 »

Fans and viewers were equal parts upset and aroused as The Kuretsky Crew continued indulging in picking The Super Kitty apart live and ok camera backstage. Where many faces who emerged victorious from their PPV matches would typically celebrate their big win during the next LAW show, Kat was subject to a malicious ambush! Tracy would be seething about this for weeks. Of course The Crew chose the week she'd been benched to recover from her match to attack her beloved best friend and mentor! As Dolce and Gabanna continued stretching poor Kat out, they put her bountiful bosom on display for Maddie, allowing the pampered pink princess to slap around the very breasts Kat had convinced the audience Maddie was envious of! This type of humiliation was far from the norm around LAW. Especially when it comes to an elite wrestler like Katherine Hart! Perhaps security was understaffed shortly after the PPV, or perhaps Madeline in all her opulence and shifty ways paid someone off. Regardless, Kuretsky was certainly making quite the impression, for better or for worse!

"Gaaaah!!! Argh!" Kat's moans and grimacing face would fill the backstage area for some time before Maddie called for her boys to let up! By the time the legendary Luchadora was freed, she was spent! Reduced to only being able to paw at her aggressor. The desire to take Maddie down several pegs burned within her. Never in Hart's long, storied career did someone jump her with such a massive sense of entitlement!

"You....brat...." was all Kat could muster at this point. Dolce and Gabanna seized her by the arms. The two strongmen forced the luchadora up. Kat would drag her feet as they forcibly pulled her into the arena. The commentary team noted that the safety of the interviewer that the Kuretsky Crew had threatened near the beginning of this ordeal was the only upside anyone could garner from this shameless, cowardly assault!

Cameras followed the four of them as they dragged Kat out to the arena. They began forcing Kat I got he ring, rolling her under the bottom rope! Upon seeing Maddie and her crew enter the ring in pursuit, Kat would push herself up to all fours! In what was perhaps a final desperate attempt to overcome the odds, she flung herself at Kuretsky, full-tilt! Bare breasts bouncing in all their glory as she went for a Thesz Press to try and body press the lightweight down to the LAW canvas! Her chest would make direct contact with Maddie's face if her last-ditch effort saw any success! Of course, as winded and worn down as she had been, Kat would have no recourse or follow up after landing. She'd stare daggers into Maddie's eyes as she tried to raise a fist in preparation for some well-deserved payback!
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Re: The Kuretsky Crew comes after Kat!

Unread post by ADarlingDucky »

There were little things more audacious than attacking a seasoned, loved veteran of the sport backstage, but Madeline was far from the kind of woman to care at all about how this would be looked on by the fans, and was all too focused on what this could do to further her own career! And so it was with that mindset that she made sure that Kat, along with the rest of the LAW fanbase, would know exactly who she was, baring the Super Kitty's chest as her and her bodyguards beat the luchadora down, and leaving Kat tied up in a brutal hold by Dolce and Gabbana as Madeline slapped around Kat's tits, smirk on her face as she looked to humiliate the Super Kitty!

But before long, a change of venue would be what Madeline was looking for, and with a quick word to Dolce and Gabbana would see them release Kat, before scooping the Super Kitty up off the floor! The trio would make their way from the backstage room Kat's interview was being held in and out to the actual arena, hauling Kat along out to the live crowd, much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance!

The progress to the arena was slow, with Kat dragging her feet all the way, but soon enough they'd arrive at the ring, and Dolce and Gabbana would tos Kat under the ropes and into the squared circle, following along as the Super Kitty rolled inside the ring! But as the trio entered after their victim, Kat would find one more opportunity to boldly strike back against the group who was set to humiliate her in front of the live crowd, suddenly darting up and leaping at Maddie, her massive boobs smushing the lightweight's face as Kat tackled her to the mat!

"Mmmmmph!" Maddie let out a grunt as Kat brought her crashing down to the mat, landing atop her! But as the bare chested heavyweight raised a fist up to strike, Dolce and Gabbana would suddenly be there, grabbing Kat and yanking her off of Maddie, as the spoiled princess rose back up to her feet!

"Rrrrgh... you've got some nerve! But it's okay Kat, struggle all you want. Because I've got something for you." She hissed, before giving Kat a quick chop to the chest, nodding afterwards for Dolce and Gabbana to hold the Super Kitty still as Maddie took a step back, reaching and grabbing a small tube of lipstick that had been tucked within part of the lace! With a smirk on her face, Maddie stepped forwards, uncapping it and showing off the purple hued lipstick to her captive luchadora, before stepping forwards to apply it to Kat's lips, Dolce's hand shooting out to grab Kat's head to help hold her still!

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