Meeting interesting People at the gym.

Spars, workouts, and other such gym rp's go here. There are many different LAW gyms stationed throughout Japan.
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Meeting interesting People at the gym.

Unread post by xalex » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:12 pm

Elizabeth would sit up from the bench after putting the weights back down. She would pick up her bottle of water and take a big slip out of it. She would whip the sweat of her forehead before standing back up again. Her time in law so far has been fun but not so many matches came her way. It was starting to get quited boring.
The girl would look around the gym was almost empty… that was great so no one would complain about her skinny outfit. She didn´t like to wear to much clothes and this was just way better to work out in.
She would stretch herself, nothing better than a short night work out.

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