Clash of Champions

Spars, workouts, and other such gym rp's go here. There are many different LAW gyms stationed throughout Japan.
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Re: Clash of Champions

Unread post by xalex » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:15 pm

Karin would smirk. “I wouldn´t ask for anything else.” Karin would put her hands against her hips, before pointing at tina. “that day when we two step into the ring against each other, I want that you give me all you got and don´t hold back, I want the full of you!” Karin would then smirk a little bit knowing how silly that sounded just about now.

Karin would breathe out deeply before looking up to tina with a smile. “may I invite you for dinner, as payment for the training?” She would look up to the bigger woman. Karin was sure she was earning way less than tina but the small girl was fully supported by her family, and when someone was earning more than enough money it was her dad with his company, and her other dad with his management shop… and her mum hua was earning a ton as well.

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Re: Clash of Champions

Unread post by Highfly » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:19 am

Tina nodded and smiled. Food sounded really good right about now. "Yeah sure, I don't have anything else planned today I just need to shower up first." Tina said as she made her way to her gym bag to pick it up and make her way towards the locker room for that shower. "I imagine we'll be at the gym together for training before long but I do appreciate the dinner offer, I do love to eat just ask Alaina about that one." Tina said with a wink as she became more excited about the second part of her day which was shaping up to be much better than it was when she woke up.

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