Fated Encounter (For Jalter)

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Fated Encounter (For Jalter)

Unread post by Dokki » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:23 pm

Rin: The Oujo raised her knee up to her chest and spun on one foot, her leg lashing out like a whip and striking a heavy punching bag with enough force to make it sway. The proud young fighter had recently had her first taste of defeat and was determined to never experience such humiliation ever again. Even now that several days had passed since she had been forced to submit, Rin was still experiencing back pain. Despite the soreness, Rin continued training every day to prepare herself for the day when she would challenge that cheating harlot to a rematch and get her revenge.
Rin launched two more devastating kicks before returning to two feet. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took a swig from her water bottle. That would be enough for today, she thought as she began packing up her belongings before making her way towards the showers.

Luvia: It was Luvia's first time here in LAW. She had seen the roster list upon joining the league and of course the name of her old rival from her school days had caught her eye. Though, she had not expected to meet her so soon, she heard the sounds of a bag being smacked, as she walked into the training hall. Her form fitting body suit made especially for her wrestling training, showing off the curves of her frame as she proudly walked in behind Rin as she continued her workout. " Ohohohoho!~" Luvia laughed, back of her right hand covering her mouth just slightly enough to not give a proper view inside of it, yet not enough to muffle any of the sound of her laughter. " You haven't changed one bit, Miss Tohsaka. Your kicks remain as brutish and your gracefulness is still at an absolute zero." Luvia spoke as she walked up towards the brunette.

Rin: As Rin made her way toward the showers a boisterous haughty laugh rang out through the gym. Rin froze in place and grit her teeth. Maybe it’s not her, Rin would think but even before she turned around, Rin knew all to well who that obnoxious laugh belonged to.
Standing before her in a tight blue body suit that accentuated the curves that Rin lacked was none other than Luviagelita Edelfelt.
The blond immediately began making jabs at Rin’s technique as she made her way toward the brunette.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure of running into you here of all places?” Rin growled through her teeth. Luvia had attended the same prestigious academy as Rin and the two wealthy girls had never gotten along well yet they seemed unable to leave one another alone, always seeking each other out and challenging the others authority. The Japanese girl was already in a bad mood and this chance meeting was only further exasperating her further.

Luvia: Luvia walked towards Rin and met with her as they stood opposed to one another, the blonde smugly looked on at Rin Tohsaka as she raised her chin up a bit in a prideful manner. She had so much to share with her old rival, she had to do so. With a light smirk forming on her face for but a second, Luvia would put on her usual elegant appearance as she would place one hand on her hip. " Isn't it obvious? My being here can only mean one thing right? Or have you taken too many blows to that delicate head of yours? " Luvia spoke as she would take a step closer to Rin, standing just a foot or two away from her rival. " I've recently joined LAW as their newest talent. Scouted because of my impeccable talent." Luvia would then tilt her head to the side and look over Rin, " I heard about your recent defeat. Though I shouldn't be surprised, it is only a testament to the talent of the women here being out of your league, myself included now."

Rin: Rin thought she had rid herself forever of Luvia’s nauseating voice and pompous attitude but here she was once again subjected to this torture. She grew more infuriated as Luvia brazenly mocked her but then her expression changed to one of surprise as her her former rival announced that she had been scouted by the LAW organization and had recently been contracted.
Then the blond would comment on Rin’s recent loss, a recent memory Rin desperately wished to forget.
“Thc...” Rin ground her teeth together. “Let’s get something straight,” Rin growled. This woman knew just how to get her blood boiling. “You are not better than me! My loss was on account of my opponent’s underhanded tactics, and of no fault of my own!” Rin crosses her arms under her sweat chest and shot daggers at her old classmate.

Luvia: Luvia would raise her right eyebrow as she had gotten Rin Tohsaka to be rather infuriated from the looks of it. The fact that she could get such a rile up from the brunette did bring her a small piece of joy, yet hearing her rival try and make that claim of hers. Luvia would clear her throat and moved her arms up underneath her own more impressive bust, folding them. " Excuse me." She spoke as she continued to stare at Rin's face. " We both knew that I am better than you, it's been that way since the day we met." Luvia spoke out as she would take a step closer, making sure they were barley an inch away from one another. " Clearly you were knocked too hard on your head, as you seem to not only suffer from amnesia. You seem to have trouble seeing as well. " Luvia pointed out as she'd push her own chest up a little with her arms as emphasis.

Rin: Luvia came closer and folded her arms under her ample chest. Rin was sure that her rival was intentionally trying to draw a comparison between their assets but Rin refused to look at the blondes oversized udders.
Luvia would make the claim that she was in fact better and always had been and step even closer until their chests almost touched. Rin continued to scowl and clenched her fists.
Luvia then made another snide comment and followed it up by thrusting her chest into Rin’s causing the brunette to stumble backwards.
“Grrrrrrr— That’s it, Luviagelita!” Rin would explode. “If you think you’re so much better than me than prove it in the ring, right now! Show me why you deserve to be here!” The darker haired oujo would demand, pointing to the practice ring that sat at the center of the gym.
She’d prove once and for all that this blond bimbo was all talk and no bite. There was no way a pompous brat like Luvia could compete with her in a physical contest, Rin thought.

Luvia: Seeing the dark haired girl practically fuming with anger before exploding made Luvia's eyes widen a little, and when she pointed towards the practice ring and threw down her challenge, Luvia nodded in a smug manner. " For once in you're life you give a decent suggestion." Luvia said as her right hand would move up to that long blonde hair curl on her right shoulder, flicking it backwards as she would stare intensively into her rival's eyes. " It's time for you to be taught a lesson." Luvia pointed out before she would turn and walk towards the ring.

Rolling into the squared circle she'd get up on her feet and gently bounce on her feet, making her assets wiggle slightly within the tight confines of her form fitting blue training outfit. Raising her arms and dropping into her wrestling stance as she'd start to circle the ring. " Stand at the ready Tohsaka Rin, I wouldn't want you to claim that you're overwhelming defeat was a result of you being unprepared."

Rin: Rin was eager to teach Luvia a lesson she wouldn’t forget. Finally, at long last she would end all discussion over who was better. Rin climbed into the ring on the opposite side of Luvia and bounced on the balls of her feet, her perky breasts bouncing in synch within the confines of her black and yellow sports bra. She had felt somewhat tired after her work out but now, Rin was running on pure adrenaline.

Luvia assumed her wrestling stance and Rin assumed a martial arts stance, befitting of her striker fighting style. Her rival told her to get ready and Rin grinned deviously.
“Right back at you!” The brunette would shout as she darted forward without warning. There was obviously no bell but Rin didn’t wait around for Luvia to start the match either.
Rin would dash in close before quickly lifting her leg almost parallel with her body in an amazing display of flexibility. The oujo would then attempt to bring her sneaker covered foot down on Luvia’s dumb blond head in a devastating axe kick!

Luvia: Luvia smirked confidently as Rin came in with a more than impressive amount of speed behind her, yet...Luvia was not one to underestimate her rival, they'd always been fairly even in matches. Luvia watched carefully as Rin darted in with that raised leg, of hers and the blonde slide towards the side, towards the side of her rival. Avoiding the axe kick and getting in close to Rin, the one place one didn't want Great Luvia to be. The aristocrat would snap her arms around Rin's body as she tried to hug Dynamite Rin's side towards her front, pressing her more than generous rack close towards the woman.

The Finnish beauty would try and lift Rin up in an arch and then try and toss her down on her shoulder and neck as she tried to turn Rin's rash nature against her and hit her with a belly to side suplex. " Haah!"

Rin: Rin’s foot slashed through the air and slammed into the mat. “Eh?” At first Rin wore a look of bewilderment but this was soon replaced by wide eyed terror as she felt Luvia’s arms wrap around her bare midsection and the blondes boobs pressing into her.
“Ah—“ was all she was able to get out before being lifted off the ground and driven painfully, shoulders first into the mat.
“Gah—Haaa!” Rin exclaimed before coming to rest on her back, gasping and wincing.
‘How...When did she get so fast?’ Rin wondered in horror.

Luvia: Luvia's swift reaction allowed her to take Rin unawares as she took a hold of the woman and hauled her up into the air before bringing her down onto her shoulders. Smacking her down with that belly to side suplex and causing Rin to flop over onto her back, the blonde would rise up to her knees and look over towards the downed black and yellow clad rival of hers. " Hohoho~ You were always hasty, though I must commend you for your skill, had to kick him me I'd surely be down on my back. Though such brutish of a kick would be hard press to strike me." Luvia pointed out as she would try and grab Rin by her pony tail, trying to drag the head up off of the mat a bit as she would try and slip in behind that head.

The legs of the Finnish woman would try and wrap around that head snugly and place the back of it against her crotch, trying to lock in a figure four headlock and put a tight squeeze on her rival. " I do think you need to take a breather, Miss Tohsaka. So I shall aid you in your rest." Luvia spoke as she tried to snuggly squeeze the life out of her rival with her strong thighs.

Rin: Rin lay wincing on the mat as her opponent critiqued her futile attack. Rin let out a groan as her long brown ponytail was seized by her opponent, pulling her head off the mat. The Japanese girl tried to grab her opponent’s wrists but soon felt the blonds shapely thighs clamp down on her slender neck.

“Hrrrk—“ Rin choked as her rival’s legs began to squeeze her throat. The proud young fighter realized she was in a dangerous situation and began frantically trying to escape. She would try to force her fingers between her neck and Luvia’s legs to allow herself to breath while kicking her feet against the mat.

Luvia: Having her strong legs wrapped tightly around that neck as the hands of Rin gripped at those thighs of hers, trying to pull the thighs of Luvia off of her. " Nnh....realize your mistake of challenging me yet?" Luvia let out in a bit of frustration as she would try and squeeze tighter on Rin's head and neck. " Come now, Miss Tohsaka. I assumed you'd have more in you." Having not faced off against the dark haired girl in a while, she figured it would be more of a challenge from her old rival.

She'd reach for that ponytail again, trying to grab it to get a firm hold on it, and a bit of a dominant control, using Rin's hair as a bit of a leash to keep the woman trapped. " Mmm, I think you might have to tap unless you wish to pass out between my thighs." Luvia teased her rival as she would try and twist them to the side, trying to place herself in a on her side, with Rin's head trapped between her legs, propping herself up with her free elbow pressed against the canvas, her hand against her cheek as she placed herself in that iconic 'draw me like one of your French girls pose. With Rin's head stuck in between her legs and instead of her own other hand on her hip, with a firm hold of Tohsaka Rin's ponytail.

Rin: Rin tried respond to Luvia’s mockery but her words became nothing more Than gargled chokes. Rin’s face was slowly becoming red from both lack of oxygen as well as embarrassment at her current predicament. Despite her less than favorable position, Rin refused to submit to her bitter rival, she was determined to escape somehow!

Luvia would pull on Rin’s ponytail causing the furious Japanese Oujo to grind her teeth claw at her opponent’s legs. The domineering blond would roll over on her side, arrogantly posing with her head propped up on her elbow and Rin’s reddening face peaking out between her powerful thighs.

“Hnggg...” Rin would gasp, her vision growing blurry. She desperately tried to pull her head free from between Luvia’s legs to no avail. Still the proud rookie refused to admit defeat.

Luvia: Luvia carried a smug smirk on her face as she rolled over into that sexy pose, it was a shame there were no cameras around to take some good magazine shots of her dominance. She felt Rin continue her struggle for a bit longer, but as she felt those struggles start to die down, little by little getting slower and less intense. Luvia would unwrap her legs slowly and slide out and away from Rin, keeping that pony tail in hand as she would try and pull the Japanese woman over onto her back.

" There isn't much pride in defeating a fatigued opponent." Luvia spoke out as she would flick Tohsaka Rin on her forehead with her finger, that sweaty forehead earned by the Dynamite Rin's workout. "Though I shall give you a parting gift to just extol my demonstrate how superior I am." Luvia spoke as she would try and swing one leg over Rin's midsection, straddling her rival as she would try and take those wrists in each hand and pin Rin down. Smirking down on the dark haired girl. She'd lower her impressive chest down and place it over her Japanese rival's face. The Finnish girl tried to place a dominant and sexy looking breast smother upon the face of Rin, pinning her down and looking to smother out her foe.

Rin: “Heh... heh...” Rin began to gasp as her air supply neared zero. Luvia would flick Rin on the forehead but the brunette couldn’t even manage to produce a proper reaction as her hands weakly scratched at Luvia’s pale legs by themselves. Just as the Japanese girl’s vision began to fade, Luvia would release her strangle hold.

Rin would let out a series of hoarse coughs as she gasped for air. She hadn’t given up. She hadn’t lost! But despite what Rin told herself, the proud Oujo’s struggle was only just beginning.

Rin would wince and let out a small cry as her ponytail was tugged again and she was rolled onto her back. While the brunette lay panting, her opponent would take this opportunity to straddle her and pin her wrists above the Japanese girl’s head.

Rin grit her teeth and have Luvia an ugly glare. “Get your fat ass off of me!” She demanded as she tried to free her hands. “Luvia! Don’t you dare!” Rin would scream as she saw her opponent’s large breasts descending toward her. “Luvia I’ll kill—Mhhmmm!!!” The Finnish woman’s impressive assets came to rest atop Rin’s face. The Japanese girl’s nose and mouth were completely engulfed within the soft chasm but her green eyes were still visible and filled with burning hatred. Rin’s sneakers bounced against the mat as she kicked her feet up and down and her angry muffled shrieks reverberated against Luvia’s tits.

Luvia: Luvia doubted very greatly that Rin Tohsaka had weakened this much since their last encounter, she could also visibly feel and see that Rin's movement were heavy, unlike the speedy Dynamite Rin who always came at you with a bang. That visible sweat upon her frame and the clear fatigue in her breath after just a suplex and a slight choking lead Luvia to the conclusion that Tohsaka Rin's workout had been longer and more intense than she had first thought. Perhaps she should have refused this match request, but then she wouldn't be able to teach her rival a lesson, despite how hollow it would feel for the blonde woman.

The aristocrat would pin her rival down, a smug smirk staring down at Rin as she screamed out at her and then all of a sudden those loud screams were muffled as Rin's foul mouth was muzzled by Luvia's impressive chest. She felt her breasts vibrate a little from her rival's loud screams. The sound of tapping and squeaking sneakers of struggle made Luvia nod her head to herself.
" I fear that your time has come Tohsaka Rin. As much as I would have enjoyed an intense battle with you, I instead teach you this lesson." Luvia said as she would press her large breasts down even further on that face, looking to engulf it completely in humiliate her rival. " Do not start a battle you can't win. Should you be overtly fatigued, simply tell me. I would gladly have scheduled a proper match between the two of us to properly settle things. Now though, I fear you might just make me yawn.~" Luvia spoke as she would even resort to rubbing her breasts down upon that face, trying to rub in her point as firmly as she could. " A humiliating defeat is truly the only way a ruffian such as yourself will learn." Her grip tightening a bit on Luvia's wrists as she stretched them upwards and kept them pinned against the canvas. " However, If you think me right I desire you to tap....though if you think I am wrong, I demand that you pass out quickly, as I am a busy woman." Luvia loved to be in this dominant position over Rin, though it didn't exactly feel earned....she'd make sure to be in this position over her rival again though. That she promised herself.

Rin: It was no use. Rin was too fatigued to fight back. The burst of adrenaline at the beginning of the match had quickly warn off leaving her body too weary to mount any real resistance. It was utterly humiliating. Rin was well aware that she should never have considered fighting in this condition but her temper had once again gotten the better of her and she would pay for it dearly in one of the most humiliating ways she could imagine.

Luvia would begin rubbing her soft breasts up and down, burying Rin’s face between them. Rin could feel her face burning from both Luvia’s body heat as well as her own embarrassment. The Ojou’s legs stopped kicking as she realized that fighting back was futile. She lay still under her opponent’s body trying to hold out as long as possible. The blond offered to allow Rin to tap but doing so would mean throwing away her pride forever. As such, Rin chose her only other option, one that she would still not easily live down.

After a time the Japanese girl’s lungs began burn and she began to gasp into her rival’s superior tits. Her legs began to kick and slide about the mat again as her body instinctively fought for air. Her bare stomach sucked in and out from under the blonds body but it was all futile. Rin’s eyes rolled back and her mouth fell open in an embarrassingly lewd display as she slipped into unconsciousness. Her legs would would twitch and spasm a few more times before they to became still.

Luvia: Luvia's impressive rack covered Rin's face rather well, and the struggles of the feisty rival of hers started to die down little by little, until those legs stopped kicking and that breathing calmed down against her breasts. Rin was out, and Luvia would carefully release those wrists, then placed her hands on the mat and pushed herself up so she was seated on Rin's bare abs.

Her right hand came down to Rin's cheek, stroking it softly. " There there Miss Tohsaka. " She said as she would push herself up towards her feet, turning and walking out of the ring towards her bag she'd left when Rin and her met, she'd rummage in it for a moment before pulling out a business card, walking back towards the ring and settling down on top of Rin again, placing her round rump down on those abs.

" Now, when you are rested and ready for a glorious rematch, call my butler." Luvia said as she brought her free hand down towards Rin's chest, tugging lightly on that sports bra. She couldn't well leave it in such a tiny rack. She looked around Rin and then decided to softly grasp her bottom lip, parting her mouth just slightly so she could slide in the card in between those succulent lips. " I look forward to a true match with you, so I can decisively show how dominant I am over you, Ohohohoho~" Luvia laughed on top of Rin before rising up yet again and turning to leave the ring.

To be Continued...

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