Can't take the 'Heat' no more (For PoisonChalice)

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Re: Can't take the 'Heat' no more (For PoisonChalice)

Unread post by Teenwrestler » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:39 pm

The emotions were running high between the two, both wanted to prove a point to each other. Daisuke did not wan to lose to the woman who looked up to him and Yuu wanted to beat the man who she called senpai. The wrestling prince challenged her to a heated lock up and she would respond with equal intensity, daring to wrestle her as the two locked up in the middle of the ring. He had his teeth gritted as he pushed into her, her lock up was initially weak as he managed to push her back. "You can't can't beat me Yuu-chan" he said to fuel her fire.

She would respond by steadying herself as she pushed back, her soft breasts pushed up against his hard pecs as their sweat slicked bodies pressed against each other even closer as Yuu would muster the strength to push him back. Daisuke would groan, he had already had a tough workout before this match and was slightly tired, that and his back was aching. After a moment of struggling against her, Daisuke was pushed back all the way to the corner. His back pressed against the corner turnbuckle as she pressed into him, he was sandwhiched between her body and the turnbuckle as he hold onto the grapple, knowing full well he was out-classed by his former junior swim team member.

"Yuu-chan...."he softly said, still trying to push her back.
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Unread post by PoisonChalice » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:34 am

Yuu had felt more than a little heated when Daisuke once again told her that victory was impossible, especially considering how much she'd been dominating the match so far. His comments fired her up and she managed to ignore her fatigue and push her larger opponent into the corner! For a few moments she pressed herself up against him before taking a step back so she could attempt to nail Daisuke with a knife-edge chop to the chest to stun him!

If she succeeded, she would begin to step backward so she could get a running start. While she was tired, there was no way she was going to let an opportunity like that escape her. Once she got a good distance away, she would let out a ferocious cry and charge forward before trying spear Daisuke in the corner, ramming her shoulder hard into his gut!
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