Training in Progress

Spars, workouts, and other such gym rp's go here. There are many different LAW gyms stationed throughout Japan.
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Re: Training in Progress

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With her partner taking a bit of a beating, Ducky was forced to watch on the outside as Erin struggled, until the redhead wrestler found a way to get close enough to her to reach out for a tag, Ducky stretching in order to slap her partner's hand! And once Ducky tagged in, the blonde was quick to fling herself over the top rope and into the ring, joining Erin in the ring as she quickly attempted to rush towards Lauren, lifting her foot up in order to deliver a boot to the heavyweight's stomach!

"Alright, let's wrap this up Erin!" Ducky cried out, trying to rally her partner as she attempted to knock the wind out of the heavyweight wrestler in the ring with them!

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Re: Training in Progress

Unread post by Highfly »

Lauren was not in any shape to stop the faster Ducky and when the boot hit she doubled over and cradled her abdomen in her arms as she hobbled about on limp legs. "Ugggghhhhh..." Lauren groaned. She had to try to stop these two but that was going to be very difficult given that she was now facing down two women who in all honesty were far superior wrestlers to her in the ring! The only thing really keeping Lauren from just downright dropping in a heap was not wanting to let Kat down over in her own corner. Lauren tried to hobble closer to Ducky and Erin, hoping she could try to do something to catch both off guard...

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Re: Training in Progress

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"Yeah yeah! Getting to it!" An annoyed Erin huffed as she slowly regained some stamina. While she wasn't in the best of shape, the redhead figured with the help of her partner she could still easily manage to pull off something devastating. The redhead took a step forwards towards a doubled over Lauren. Now was definitely going to be her best chance to turn things around. She looked back at Ducky and gave her a little nod.

"Well why don't ya help me out here and then we'll put her through the mat?" Erin said as she flashed her partner a quick grin. She doubted Lauren would be happy with her plan but those were the breaks when going up against the Irish lass. Wasting no time, Erin would wrap her arms around Lauren, ready to hoist her into the air with Ducky's help.
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