Re: LAW Medical: Confronting the Seductress

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Re: LAW Medical: Confronting the Seductress

Unread post by Fairy Dragon » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:52 am

"For someone who was too afraid to talk to me like a woman and started a fight to avoid some questions your pretty quick to avoid that fight as well. Guess a coward at heart will still be a coward." Grace said as she would bring Jessica down with her suplex, and a great deal of force she brought with it as she would slowly stand over her foe. Jessica could pack a punch when needed which definitely made her more comfortable giving her the best of what she's got.

Moving closer to Jessica Grace would try and kick her side before backing up and jumping in the air. Roaring on her way down as she would try and bring her feet down on Jessica to really take the wind out of her sails and hopefully get Jessica to stop her little antics until Grace was done with her.

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