Whatcha mean im not on the roster?

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Re: Whatcha mean im not on the roster?

Unread post by Fairy Dragon » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:44 am

Amy didnt notice any surprise but that was mostly because she was skulking about the whole thing. It felt like there was another her lingering over her telling her to rip the damn thing go to the board and make them reconsider but thankfully it was just a voice and not the one that made her act. Amy was just going to beat this like she beat her challenges, and do it with a smile on her face to boot.

"No that'll be all. Th-Thank you for taking time to do this. Ill be sure to show you im not someone who needs a collar on her at all times." Amy said standing up and watching the man leave with one last good luck....oh right she still had to deal with this Navi chick, honestly she didnt look like much but the last thing she needed was to underestimate someone. She would just have to see how things played out and give it her all.

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