The Cold, Hard, Streets. (Linda Vignette)

Ambushes, chats, and events taking place in the backstage area of the LAW arena go here .
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The Cold, Hard, Streets. (Linda Vignette)

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The camera pans over a dark, dirty, alleyway, slowly leading up across the ground to... A girl's boots. As the camera rises, it reveals a short, scrawny girl with a mouse-eared hoodie. She slowly turns to face the camera. "Welcome to Brooklyn. Ya got the subtitles there for the stupid Easterners, right tech nerds?... Might not wanna sub that. Then they'd know I called them stupid." Linda winks at the camera, speaking in full English, somewhat commanding the production crew to do her bidding.

"As I was sayin'. Now that I know that ya can understand me... I'm Linda, that's all you need tah know. Ya don't need tah know my last name, no one... knows... my last name. Let's keep it that way, capiche?" (Capiche is Italian for "Understand") "I've seen some shit around here... Been in some big fights... But y'know... Fightin' with other street rats ain't fun no more... Y'see... It's cold. Right now it's..." Linda checks her phone. "32 Degrees, Fahrenheit. Now I dunno what you Eastern nerds use around there, but 'round here...32 Is cold as balls, I'm freezin' my tits off and I ain't got no heat in my place. That bothers me..."

The girl stares, deadpan, into the camera. "Ya don't get shit, for fightin' nobodies in the slums... That's why... I sold my soul. I sold my life away, for an opportunity... And now... I've got a one way trip tah you! So while you watch people HUG EACHOTHER and call it WRASSLIN'... I'll show ya a real fight... and I'll break all of y'all broads' necks. I ain't here to put on a show, I ain't here to be a supermodel. I ain't here to do some silly fetish sideshow! I'm here... Tah smack the shit outta someone, and get some friggin' green. I'm gonna kick ass, win some titles, get famous, and get some money. Then I'll live the easy life... While all you 'wrestlers'... sit at home, and wonder why you can't actually fight."

She begins to walk down the street. "Y'see, I ain't afraid tah get dirty... After all, it's how I fight. It's what I do to survive... I've watched men, women, and children, die... I've made the order for people to die, and I ain't afraid... of killin' someone in that ring. After all, IT'S WRESTLING!
It's not murder, they signed up for it! So remember my words... This isn't some Saturday Morning Cartoon with Superheroes, kiddies! Ya might wanna turn it off! Perverted dudes? This isn't your late night sleazy porno. This... Is a snuff film, plain n' simple. Be careful broads..."
Linda picks up a steel pipe from the side of the road.

"Imma ugly up all those pretty faces of yours~!"
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