A Chance Reunion

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A Chance Reunion

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Kelsea stood backstage. Her hands behind her back. The skirt of her pretty red and pink dress fanning out as she idly rotated her hips left and right. She stood in front of what was to her, her dressing room, to everyone else, a Janitor's closet. Himble beginnings indeed.

She had finally made it. She had gotten her Pro License and Dr. Takemi had booked her first match for her. In fact... It was tomorrow. Against a young upstart like herself. She smiled as her anxiety started to bubble up. She always smiled when she was nervous. It made people more comfortable.

What would her career be like? Who would she meet? And most importantly... Could she keep Rose Gold under control? It had been a struggle ever since Dr. Takemi, her manager, traiber, and flatmate, had helped her conceive of the alter-ego. A place where she could go to free herself from repression. And free her from repression it did... From the Amateur Joshi Matches she'd had in University to the private matches she'd had after classes.

Her thighs moved against eachother unconsciously as she recalled that first private match... Distracted and submerged in the memory...

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Re: A Chance Reunion

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Karin was walking backstage through the hallways, wearing her typical shorts and shirt combination. She was just about to head to the gym, a protein shake in hands and looking around. It was always annoying when the higher ups called her in to talk about her performances so far. They said they were glad about her in ring abilities, or better said about how much they have increased since she joined. But they were unhappy about her current in ring outfit, A shirt and shorts… missing a lot of personality and a lot of her former sex appeal.
Suddenly Karin would stop and walk back a few steps. Did she see that right? A bright smile would appear on karin´s face when she saw the other woman down the hallway. Without thinking too much she would put away her protein shake and would start to walk down the hallways, sneaking up on the girl. When she was standing right behind her Karin would jump At Kelsea from behind hugging the girl tightly. She would warp her one arm under the armpit of the girl while the other went over her shoulder coming together right in fornt of the bust. “KELSEA <3!” would Karin scream out happy.

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