Sending a Message! - Black Swan/Eileen Sommers

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Re: Sending a Message! - Black Swan/Eileen Sommers

Unread post by ADarlingDucky » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:22 am

Swan's struggles seemed to barely cause Eileen to move at all, the luchadora feeling the weariness from her prior match really set in now, her hands pushing at Eileen's hips, in a failing effort to move the redheaded woman off of her! Eileen's thick rear end settled comfortably on her face, and Swan found out quickly that she was at the mercy of her teammate's rival, Eileen's hands reaching down to fondle Swan's chest, the luchadora unable to escape the redhead's touch, as Eileen groped her chest, feeling up her breasts!

Swan shifted as she felt her breasts being groped once more, before Eileen ground her ass down hard with one quick motion, sitting down quite firmly on Swan's face!

"Mmmmph! Mmmmm!" Swan pushed at Eileen's thick cheeks, but she couldn't muster up enough strength to get the woman off of her, leaving her down on the floor, her face wedged deep between Eileen's buttcheeks, kicking and struggling as she was denied air by the facesit, smothered by Eileen's pale behind!

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Re: Sending a Message! - Black Swan/Eileen Sommers

Unread post by Devilish53 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:08 pm

Eileen was really pushing her face sit to the max, if such a thing was possible. Whilst using a sit as her signature manoeuvre, it was seldom in which she used it to such a degree as those like Ducky herself. But right now, she was certainly out to draw comparisons from Ducky's teammate, as she looked to bring about Swan's unconsciousness using nothing but her rear!

"Did you say something?" Eileen grinned, turning her head to look down, not that it mattered given she had little chance of even seeing the top of Swan's head. And the luchadore had even less chance of looking back.

"Please repeat yourself...I didn't hear you..." A mock question given as Eileen's straddling legs parted a little wider, which in turn brought her rear down just a little firmer.

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