Felicity And Ducky: Unfinished Business

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Re: Felicity And Ducky: Unfinished Business

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Felicity posed and preened over the fallen Ducky, grinning from ear to ear as the camera crew clicked away. Flash photography clashed against the white shower walls, catching every inch of flesh put on display by the two wet, curvy women as Felicity showed off her latest acquisition.

“Nya~an!” Felicity squealed, giving a playful wink to the camera, “make sure you get every detail, now, not every day I get such a lovely new trophy!” Felicity planted a foot squarely on Ducky’s breasts, her ample bosoms mushrooming beneath Felicity’s toes as she groped and grazed the unconscious blonde.

The camera crew clicked away. Some, knowing that an opportunity like this wouldn’t come along every day. Others, feeling worried that if they didn’t comply with the malicious Black Cat, then she could have an even worse fate in mind for them! Felicity arched her spine, drawing her body long and lean, cutting a striking profile in Ducky’s cute wrestling singlet … while standing dominantly atop it’s unconscious owner!

“Great work, all!” Felicity said, when she’d finally had her fill, “solid day! Now, be sure to send me proofs, before those go up on the LAW website! Otherwise, I’ll be a cranky kitty, and a cranky kitty is a naughty kitty!” She gave a wink that was at once playful and entirely malicious. Stepping off of Ducky, Felicity grabbed her bag out of the corner, and left the gym. She had a prized new possession to add to her home, and quite the story to go with it. She would leave the lifeless-looking Ducky with the photography crew, who would no doubt scramble to get some help for the unconscious wrestler. For her entire ride home, and for the whole night after that, Felicity couldn’t wipe the sadistic grin off her face!
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