A different type of power- Ikiala and Hacata.

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Re: A different type of power- Ikiala and Hacata.

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*Fluttering her eyes in befuddlement at the sight of Hacata's reaction, Ikiala suspected something was afoot- She had administered stronger beatings upon weaker foes in her earlier days of professional fighting, and the Egyptian seemed to have withstood the worst of it without any recognizable signs of damage. However, she took a second to quietly scan the length of her target's entire figure, and noticed something quite peculiar- She was clinching her midsection rather deliberately, almost as if she had suffered an extensive amount of damage to it. Whatever the case may be, the prodigious Hawaiian would meet Hacata halfway, extending her arms outward to try and overpower her once more.*

*To her shock and dismay however, the crafty narcissist managed to get the drop on the novice, wrapping her svelte arms around her upper limbs before synching in a grating lock around the back of her neck!* "Nngggh...s..subterfuge...a..as your ally ?" *She stammered aloud, her legs beginning to tremble from the mounting pressure on her upper body.* "E..expected..s..seeing as how that's the only way you can defeat me!" *She boisterously proclaimed, still struggling to escape the unwavering hold against her backside!*

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