Gambling Hearts: Eliza Williams vs. Misaka Satan

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Gambling Hearts: Eliza Williams vs. Misaka Satan

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Eliza Williams Casual Attire
This was new territory for Eliza, as while she had gotten used more or less to how things worked at L.A.W., it seemed that herself and her newest opponent this Misaka Satan were to be gathered backstage before their coming match. The reason? Well it seemed L.A.W. had been bouncing some match ideas about and allegedly Misaka seemed to suggest that they take those ideas and make it a "spin the wheel" concept to decide what match they had.

But that seemed a touch odd to Eliza, who would willingly place the match they would be in to random chance?

Eliza none the less made her way to the backstage area as she only hoped to get more clarity about what they'd be doing. Maybe some context behind this wheel decision, get to know the match options and most of all get to know this Misaka girl. Was she a shy, reserved type? Was she bold and brash? Most importantly, not that she'd make it clear to anyone, was she the type who if she got blows on them would really rub the domination and bring that oddly fulfilling sense of humiliation she had began to get addicted to.

Eliza took a moment to die her blush down as she soon arrived to the area, seeing what seemed to be a member of the L.A.W. staff with a stand that had been covered by a red sheet as she then waited for this Misaka girl to arrive.

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