A Shot in The Dark: Piper vs Ivy II

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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A Shot in The Dark: Piper vs Ivy II

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Piper took a deep breath backstage to settle some lingering nerves withing her. Since We Are Law the blonde had been on a mission to prove herself to both the wrestlers in the back as well as the fans of the LawVerse that she wasn’t a pushover anymore. That she wasn’t a jobber. That she was winner instead. Naturally mamagement had raken notice of this new hunger and genuine improvement and had rewarded her with some high profile matches... but this... this felt like a punishment more than a reward.

Ivy... The Painted Lady. She had been a terrible force that had been tearing her way through opponets from any weight division. Piper had the unfortunate pleasure of being placed against the woman almost a year ago now and she had been decimated rather thoroughly by the titan. Just thinking about that encounter sent a shiver down Piper’s toned up body, her white, green and gold outfit doing little to hide her fear addled shivering
But... If Piper was being honest... it was probably that match more than anything that had motivated her to change her place in LAW. To improve and get better, stronger, faster. In a weird way Ivy had been partly responsible in making Piper not want to be a jobber anymore... Blinking as this thought crossed her mind Piper became still and began to really think about it. Ivy really had played a roll in her development, whether she liked it or not, and now was a chance... to show her what she had created.

Fists clenching and eyes narrowing Piper looked up, fear momentarily forgotten. She would probably lose, Piper knew that much, but she’d be damned if after all this work she laid down and died for Ivy. Steeling herself Piper stepped up to the entrance just in time for her name to be called.

”The following is a match set for one fall, introducing first from Scranton, Pennsylvania... Piper! Sherrrrrwood!” Following the announcement was her new entrnace music
As her song began playing Piper came out and posed for the crowd getting a solid response from the crowd. After all everyone knew who the favorite to win this match was.. None the less however the cheers Piper did get caused bee confidence to surge higher as she strutted down the ramp. No flashy gymnastics like usual, no sexy teasing, not for this match, she was entering the ring in a controlled and serious manner. Slipping between the ropes she walked to her corner and leaned against it while glaring up at the entrance ramp. Already expecting to meet the painted lady once more...

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Re: A Shot in The Dark: Piper vs Ivy II

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Piper's song faded out and silence hung in the air as the crowd were waiting expectantly for the Painted Lady's arrival. Once the lights turned off did the crowd perk up and the chilling intro do Ivy's song started playing. Upon the drop of the song, the spotlight shone on the top of the stage where Ivy appeared through the dark with her familiar lamp in hand.
The singular iris of her left eye cut through the dark as Ivy stared at Piper, one of her earlier victims that she had so thoroughly dispatched before, had come to challenge her once more after gaining some wins. The first one to come seeking a rematch with her and Ivy couldn't help but be curious if Piper had actually improved -- beginning her purposeful walk down the ramp. Ivy's undefeated streak had started to garner her some attention and curiously enough, the fans started to warm up to her despite her attempts in destroying LAW's Hentai division. Ivy reached the apron and blew out the lantern, bringing light back to the arena. She shrugged off her cloak and climbed into the ring where she faced Piper, once more staring her down with a cold glare.
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