Misaki Toyoda vs. Captain Mizuki - The Ace vs. The Olympian

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Misaki Toyoda vs. Captain Mizuki - The Ace vs. The Olympian

Unread post by PrinceArjuna332 » Mon May 13, 2019 3:01 pm

Standard Match
Victory Conditions: Gained by either pin, KO, or submission from the opponent.
Normal rules apply.

Misaki Toyoda would be facing another opponent for tonight, and like usual, she aimed to win. This time, she would be facing a former Olympic athlete who would make her official debut as a wrestler here in LAW. Well, that's not unusual for someone from different profession to start wrestling because she herself used to be an idol before becoming a wrestler. Of course, her first year as a wrestler was pretty... disappointing, to be honest, due to her being a newbie at that time. But after overcoming countless adversities and training herself, she became one among the best in the industry with her being dubbed the "Ace of Berserk". While there were many who were far more deserving for the title, she would like to live up to such a name by winning as many matches as she could here.

Donning her signature pink singlet, Misaki made one last preparation in the locker room before she was given a cue to make her entrance. This time, she had a brand new entrance song, an upbeat song titled Flame Dance, composed by a well-known Japanese composer, Go Shiina. The song brought a sense of awe as she made her entrance, as its tune seemed to take a cue from flamenco. Seeing the Ace marching down the ramp as her new theme blared triumphantly, the crowd cheered, and she showed them her appreciation by giving high-fives to those who were gracious enough to hold out their hands.
Misaki ToyodaShow
Soon, Misaki arrived at the ring, and she would climb up the apron before slipping under the ropes. She would then stand in the middle of the ring as the ring announcer introduced her while she held out her arms to the sides before streams of ribbons and confetti were shot into the air, and they ended up covering her. Quickly, she would push them aside before the ringside workers worked to clean the ring. It was one of her quirks as a joshi wrestler, and the crowd seemed to love it, so why should she fix what wasn't broken?

After getting rid of the last confetti pieces off of her body, she would go to her corner, doing a little squats and stretches as she would wait for her opponent to show up. She had heard of her opponent before, but she was never the one to actually focus on sporting events except professional wrestling, so she didn't know what to expect from this Captain Mizuki. But whoever she was, the Ace of Berserk would prepare herself for what to come as she would continue looking at the entrance.
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Re: Misaki Toyoda vs. Captain Mizuki - The Ace vs. The Olympian

Unread post by ragaz » Mon May 13, 2019 5:47 pm

Mizuki was ready and waiting for her time to come out. She was watching her opponent's entrance and was quite nervous which might come as odd for those looking at her, since Mizuki held a visible weight and muscle mass advantage. Because of her background, people were applying very high standards for the young Mizuki. I'm pretty nervous, coach. I've heard Misaki-san is quite the star around here Mizuki admitted while shaking from both anxiety and excitement. And she was right to be nervous because when she looked her up on the internet, the results were filled with names like ''The Ace'', ''Champion'', ''One of Japan's finest''...

The Ace had finished her entrance and the crowd grew silent, seeing that the announcer had something to say. And now for her opponent... Standing at 5'11'' ft tall and weighing in 204 lbs, owner of three Olympic gold medals... Let's welcome the embodiment of female fitness and tonight's debutee, ''Captain'' Mizuki!!

Following those words, Mizuki's music started playing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-C_BtFdT7Q
When the music started playing, the Olympic athlete came out through the entrance, waving to all the people that came to see her fight. What she got was a really warm welcome from the fans, since being the star of one of (if not) the most important sports events in the world, kicking ass at those sports and looking sexy while doing it was a sure way to get tons of positive feedback. Mizuki went down the ramp and her new coach/trainer Diana Accera accompanied her along the way while the energetic Mizuki gave high fives to the people she passed by.
Mizuki was glad the music would play as she made her entrance as it did help to get herself pumped up for the fight and somewhat overcome her worries. Also, Mizuki had a lot of experience with big crowds, so this wasn't a problem at all

Mizuki eventually climbed onto the apron and stepped into the ring over the middle rope and turned towards her coach. Soo before we start, any advice, coach? What kind of strategy can you suggest? I'm not sure if power alone can beat someone as formidable as Misaki-san! Mizuki asked Diana for advice and would wait until she'd explain everything she could.

After the self-proclaimed ''captain'' would hear her trainer's words of wisdom, she'd go to meet her opponent face to face and offer her a handshake as proper manners would demand. Uhm... Hello there! My name's Mizuki and I'm not sure whether I should be honored or nervous about having the chance to compete against you! Mizuki would say as she'd extend her hand towards her opponent. If Misaki accepted the handshake, then Mizuki would add an extra hand on top of Misaki's, displaying her level of nervousness and humbleness before the ace of wrestling. I think I'm feeling both!
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Re: Misaki Toyoda vs. Captain Mizuki - The Ace vs. The Olympian

Unread post by Devilish53 » Wed May 15, 2019 3:38 pm

Diana couldn't actually remember the last time, if ever, she had appeared before a wrestling crowd this clothed. Those tight jeans and lazy red top covering her strong figure, the jacket atop it all held Diana's hands, as she followed suite with her newly found sparring student whilst still keeping her hands in them. Taking a rare moment to aye up the crowd, she didn't need but more than a second glance at the woman Mizuki had opted to fight against. Toyoda carried with her a aura of experience and knowledge, that Diana herself might have fallen short against.

Finding Mizuki hanging on her word before she had even begun to spoke, Diana took a moment once more to glance through the tall athletes legs at Misaki, before forming a quick battle plan for her student.

"Just...take your time...She already knows what she's gonna do to beat you...try and figure out what that is, and use it against her...!"

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