A Not So Warm Welcome: Kaeda Fukuda (d) vs Natasha Rostovik

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Re: A Not So Warm Welcome: Kaeda Fukuda (d) vs Natasha Rostovik

Unread post by Rainmaker619 »

Kaeda had never been so humiliated in her life. As Natasha mocked her and stroked her hair, the young rookie felt like dirt. Natasha had no respect for her, and with how she had dominated the poor girl, the other girls in the back probably didn't hold Kaeda in high regard either.

Kaeda wrestled because she wanted to do something no one she knew had ever done before.

She didn't sign up for this.

Things only got worse, however, as Natasha finally moved her wet crotch over the nose and mouth of Kaeda, putting her thighs around the poor girl's head and beginning to suffocate her. With Kaeda's shoulders on the mat, the ref began to count, but the ordeal wasn't ending for Kaeda as the nasty Russian gave her one last verbal jab.

She really was nothing but a smother toy to women like Natasha, and that thought alone caused Kaeda's eyes to moisten, on the verge of tears.


With one last show of disrespect, Natasha began to dry hump the face of the rookie, covering her face with her wetness. This humiliating feeling, combined with knowing she couldn't do a thing about it, took away the last bit of hope and joy from the heart of Kaeda.

She began to sob as the ref brought her hand down one final time for the "THREE!"

It was over.

Kaeda had lost her debut.

And she had been humiliated.

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Re: A Not So Warm Welcome: Kaeda Fukuda (d) vs Natasha Rostovik

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Natasha was enjoying the smother and she wished it was longer than a 3 count, but Kaed had been thoroughly humiliated. The crowd booed loudly and threw various foot items at the Russian who simply brushed them off. She got up, sliding her wet crotch purposly over Kaeda's face to leave a lasting memory and raised her hands, basking in the negative crowds reaction. The backstage girls may not have known Kaeda but they would now. The problem for the arrogant Russian was that there were some in the back who hated bullies and would want to take issue with Natasha

As the Russian climbed through the ropes she antagonised the crowd and made her way up the ramp leaving Kaeda with the ref girl. Natasha's time would surely come soon

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