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Janice Taylor

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Janice Talyor
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Weight: 129 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Nationality: American
Alignment: face

Wrestling Information
Endurance: 1/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 1/5
Technique: 1/5

Formerly the Talent Manager at one of the largest talent agencies in North America. Janice has almost little to no experience with combat sports. As a result Janice tries her best to avoid conflict whenever the chance presents itself. However in the few rare occasions that isn't possible she tries to use the very little self-defense techniques she knows.

preferred matches:

Attitude towards hentai:
"Oh, God, um, like n-no."

Finishing moves:

Generally a well rounded person Janice treats most people she meets with a fair and kind demeanor. Who genuinely cares for her wrestlers under her care that she's actually willing to bend a few rules for them. Though is still admittedly know to speak her mind if warranted and if push comes to shove put her foot down if needed to settle the matter.

Formerly the talent manager of Alexa. Janice had started her career helping her younger cousin compete in the state pageantry shows. Causing the two to be almost inseparable early on.Despite this though eventually the two had to go their separate ways.

With Janice taking a job for one of the largest talent agencies in North America as a Talent Manager and Alexa continuing with her pageantry shows. However, Janice would quickly find herself hating the job. Due to the long hours, needy clintial, and lack of respect she received. Even so she persisted and slowly start building her connects amongst the various other agencies and staff members in the business.

So as time moved on she would eventually learn of L.A.W and their rather luxurious managerial business contracts. Hooked, lined, and sinkered Janice hardly hesitated and began making the appropriate calls and contacts to get the job. Within the week she was hired and not long after that in charge of a few wrestlers. Including her cousin who was having troubles of her own. Now bright faced and ready to take on her new position. She plans to do her best!

  • Ito's no nonsense attitude
  • Mexican food (she misses it dearly)
  • People that make fun of her accent
  • Alexa's temper
  • Takeshi's mentally taxing requests (he doesn't know)
  • Emilio's crazy stunts
  • Serenity's randomness
  • Ito's willingness to get into fights
Sorry But I Only Do Business Casual
Having Her Day Off
Wh-Why didn't you knock!?
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