Misa Otomura - LAW Ring Announcer

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Misa Otomura - LAW Ring Announcer

Unread post by CaptainL » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:37 pm

While it goes without saying that any match will feature a ring announcer, this profile is so that I can use her in any storylines it may call for. Feel free to write any ring announcer dialogue in your own posts, you don't need me for that.
"Aaaaaaand your winner, by pinfall..."

Name: Misa Otomura
Age: 29
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Alignment: Face


On the JobShow
For when she's taking a break from work, or for matches where it's expected; she likes to help set the mood

History: Misa always had a mind towards showmanship. She grew up practically glued to the TV and loved following what celebrities were up to, and she knew that she wanted to make her impression on the world. In high school she was involved in a club focused on media design for a while before, afraid she wasn't going anywhere with it, she dropped out to join the light music club instead. That led to her being picked up by an idol production company soon after she graduated, and she neglected pursuing a higher education to follow her dream, much to the horror of her family. But she didn't care. She was living her life to the fullest, and while she never reached the popularity of some of the biggest stars out there, she still was popular enough to appear on the covers of magazines and give product endorsements. She thought she couldn't go wrong.

Unfortunately, with popularity also comes high expectations, and that was something Misa learned the hard way. After a media scandal involving her getting in trouble with the law for public drunkenness, her reputation was ruined and she found herself struggling to get booked for any dates. Soon she realized she was going to need to pursue other careers just to support herself - and she was left with the problem of not being particularly good at anything besides making an impression on stage. She tried working as a model for a while and had a brief career at a maid cafe when that didn't work, but occasionally people would still recognize her from the tabloids, and she couldn't deal with the embarrassment.

She had begun to think all was lost when she thought she would apply for a backstage role in professional wrestling - after all, so much of the industry was built on performance, she figured she might have some skills she could still apply in knowing what would look good, as well as not having to put herself out front. To her surprise, though, one of the executives she approached was an old fan of hers who insisted on signing her as one of LAW's ring announcers! While Misa was concerned about putting herself out in the public eye, she welcomed an opportunity to revitalize her career, and she would soon find that announcing was something she could easily get into, given her flair for the dramatic. She just hopes that her track record doesn't follow her there.

Personality: Despite not having the best of luck, Misa is a plucky, optimistic girl who never lets anything keep herself down for long. She always keeps shooting for tomorrow and doesn't get weighed down with the past, eager to jump for the next opportunity to pass her eyes. She's exuberant and energetic most of the time, and owing to her idol career she's always putting forth the effort to make an impression on people. Due to this, Misa has a flair for the dramatic and wastes no chances to get in the mood, and she can fall back on her old performances to help get attention on what she has to say. All this being said, she's not the smartest and she can be a bit of an airhead, and often is oblivious to things. She's also got a clumsy side and isn't immune to tripping over herself, something that no amount of dance training has alleviated in her. But despite it all, she wants to put her best foot forward no matter what.

  • Despite being from Osaka, she took a lengthy speech training course to get rid of her Kansai accent in the hopes of reaching more national appeal. She only slips into it if particularly flustered.
  • She still is a heavy drinker, even if her agents have tried to warn her about it getting her into trouble.
  • Misa is particularly prone to misfortune and ending up in compromising situations, which has led some to speculate that she's being haunted by an evil spirit.
  • While Misa otherwise lives alone, she owns five cats, which she considers her children.

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