Katsu Yoshida (the Devious Photographer)

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Katsu Yoshida (the Devious Photographer)

Unread post by TheSuitedOwl » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:48 pm

Katsu Yoshida
Sex: male
Age: 24
Weight: 152
Height: 5' 6"
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener

Wrestling Stats
Endurance 2/5
Strength 3/5
Speed 4/5
Defense 3/5
Technique 2/5

Being painfully aware of his height. William generally tries to avoid conflict by sneaking around, bribing people, or have someone else do it for him. However in the various occasions those options aren’t readily available to him he relies on a combination of underhanded tactics and his mild training in judo.

To put it simply when it comes to his work. Katsu is a greedy opportunist with no qualms about morality. As he’s more than willing to sell, service, and trade with the vast majority of his clinental any number of morally questionable things. From taking pictures of their favorite girl to stealing the underwear of their favorite girl and everything else in between. Though oddly enough despite the better pay and much more exciting life it provides Katsu still prefers his 9 to 5 in L.A.W and is know to treat his clients not only fairly but well.

Born in Japan but raised in Hawaii Katsu had since an early age an appreciation for the natural beauties in life. From the warm beaches, the blue sky, to the rolling hills of the luscious mountain side. Katsu became captivated in his young age by these sites and would eventually set himself on a path that would make him the photographer he is now.

And despite the many protests of both his parents. Katsu persisted with his hobby and ended up winning a few competitions that he would eventually convinced them of his merit. However unlike many other families the Yoshida's had made their living running a shady hotel for tourist and would immediate find a use for their son's newly found talents.

Then soon after becoming well acquainted with the family business as the official photographer for his family. He was forced to learn the family trade such as lockpicking, surveillance, forgery, fraud, and social hacking. Though this didn't really deter him of his goals as he would eventually go to college.

Yet by then much of his bad habits had already been formed.That it didn’t really take long for him to figure out he could sell a variety of pictures and services to the student body. Which not only accelerated his expertise on such matters but ultimately semented a way of life he couldn't let go. So naturally when he began his job search after graduation it just seemed obvious to join L.A.W.

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