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Real Name: Clarissa Priscilla Rosita
Age: 27
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5"2'
Weight: 116 lbs.
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face

Wrestler Profile

Personality & Past
Growing up, Clarissa Priscilla Rosita was always a child of dry wit and intense cleverness, quite the smart cookie and having quite a fondness for sarcasm even at a young age. Despite this, the girl seemed to have one defining goal while growing up, something she developed young, that stuck with her throughout her life. She wanted to help people. So she set her sights on nursing, working hard in order to get into a good nursing school. She was in the top of her class in school, and that trend only continued as she got into medical school, finally working her way into the profession that she had sought after her entire life!

And it... was awful.

Clarissa's first few months as a nurse seemed to uproot everything she had thought it would be! It was so menial. Some folks were okay, but others... they were so needy, asking her for this and that! Demanding that they come roll them over, fluff their pillows. And that's not even getting into the more gross things! It didn't help that thanks to her highly sarcastic and dry attitude, she didn't have the best bedside manner... So, shortly after realizing that this life wouldn't be from her, she departed from the hospitals, finding somewhere else. For a while she didn't have too much of a calling, drifting around and putting her medical skills to use. Until she finally ended up in a local college, acting as the school nurse. It seemed as though the monotony would see no end as she continued to toil in a job she hated. That was... until she had a student come in with some odd looking bruises. When asking what has caused this, the girl admitted that she did some wrestling on the side, giving Clarissa an over-enthusiastic speech on the sport! While not usually someone who paid attention to that stuff. But the pitch was so spirited that Clarissa gave it a shot! Donning a one piece with a skirt and a medical theme, along with the ring name "Pulse," she would try her hand at pro wrestling! And while her her usual dry demeanor didn't change... she found herself to be quite enthralled. So she set off for LAW, a prestigious wrestling promotion, one that she had scoped out far ahead of time! They weren't super keen to accept someone with no wrestling background minus some makeshift training, but when Pulse offered her services as a nurse as well, they would accept, bringing her into the fold!


Pulse is quite the dry and sarcastic personality, often complaining about her job and current status in life no matter what. She rarely shows any excitement or get up and go, even if she is feeling happy or excited. She goes about her job with surgical precision, and is rarely shaken by any shenanigans that may occur around her!

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