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Re: LAW Magazine Writers

Unread post by SweetHeart »

Milly Limerance- LAW's hentai sexpert

She wears fake horns and tail for her magazine articles gimmick (don't ask how she puts on the tail.)

Doing some "Research"
Working out
Lim is known for being a rather straightforward person with her 18+ articles. In other words, she's a massive pervert. She is a very lewd person, believed to have a large amount of libido, which she claimed was caused by her parent's attempt to shelter her when she was younger, but when she was old enough she would become opposed to lewd things. Although her writing is driven by a lot of her sexual thoughts, she is aware of what she's talking about, having researched how many lewd wrestling moves work and how to explain hentai matches and the different aspects of them, being so skilled she could technically review normal matches but her attempts to do so have failed as she isn't able to get turned on most of the time if they are too straight forward. However, as far as her kinks, she basically has unlimited amounts, enjoying submissions, slams, FxF, MxM, FxM, and anything super kinking. She does have a rather high kink for teasing, sometimes breaking down during interviews due to the wrestler touching the right buttons with her even leading to some cases where Lim has had "private discussions" with them. And even though she isn't a wrestler herself, she has enough f an understanding that, if she wanted to, she could technically lock someone into a lewd submission, but that would mean the other person is basically on jobber levels of being dominated.

Preferred Articles-
Hentai match reviews, Interviews usually surrounding the hentai title or other lewd matches, Top 10's (Once again, mostly revolving around lewd wrestling topics)

Approach To Writing-
Lim has a bit of an odd way of reviewing matches. Not really reviewing the wrestling and more the impact...basically how horny she felt watching the match through. This is why her style is mainly very sexually charged, reviewing matches based on how humiliating or sexual a wrestler is to another or how well the other wrestler reacts to this humiliation, basically putting over jobbers for looking good while they lose. However, though she is very skilled in explaining the ins and outs of lewd matches and just lewd moves in general (sometimes literally) when it comes to normal matches she is indifferent, finding them okay to watch but not really doing anything for her. Though there are case's where she finds seemingly normal matches that she herself finds sexually arousing, calling them "hidden gems of hentai wrestling."
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Re: LAW Magazine Writers

Unread post by Shura »

Avalie Reza

Avalie is a powerlifting and bodybuilding addict. Since she was hired by LAW as a fitness trainer she practically lives 24/7 at the gym. She's very much the gentle giant kind, very supportive and always ready to help others to progress and push their limits further. She likes to give praise where it's due and will encourage those who work hard. She isn't quick to anger and will try to defuse conflictual situations, but it doesn't mean that she'll let everything fly (and at 6'2 for 288lbs of pure muscle you'd be stupid to try to anger her for fun).

Preferred Articles
Interviews, Top 10 and the likes, spotlights on specific wrestlers. And always related to fitness and physical performance.

Approach To Writing
Her interviews are more about gathering informations like people's training routines, personal stories, goals, best lifts, thoughts and feelings rather than asking difficult questions. She likes details. The only occasions she'd confront or criticize someone is when she feels that the person is making false claims or bragging on imaginary accomplishments. She is very unlikely to write an article on the sole purpose of criticizing someone. Her style is rather casual but she also gets technical and educational when needed.

~ Avalie is free to use for writing LAW Magazine content under one condition: this is a character I roleplay so I will ask you to send me your drafts first for approval before posting anything with her signature. ~
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Re: LAW Magazine Writers

Unread post by Vcom7418 »

Profile as a manager

Personality: Incredibly chirpy and positive LAW manager, deciding to write articles on her thoughts on LAW, about it's present and future. Some hints to who she has her eye on to manage can slip past in her articles.

Preferred Articles: Top 10s, Spotlights, Analysis pieces.

Approach to Writing: "Ummm...I watch a ton of wrestling, I analyze wrestler profiles and their previous matches in my free time...and I write articles based on that"
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Re: LAW Magazine Writers

Unread post by CaptainL »

Hitomi Akari
Personality: The quintessential otaku, Hitomi is unemployed and living with her parents at 28. She is, however, an obsessive fan of everything pro wrestling, with an encyclopedic knowledge of even the most obscure trivia on the subject. She means well, but she can also be a bit of a know-it-all, and can be condescending to people who aren't as in the know as she is. She also doesn't have much of a filter - she isn't afraid to brag about her knowledge or her collection of old wrestling tapes (as well as vintage arcade machines and obscure anime) and rarely shuts up about this if given the opportunity. Predictably, she can put of others who think she's annoying. Hitomi craves attention, and her biggest dream is to make it onto a LAW show in some capacity.

Preferred Articles: Hitomi isn't actually employed by LAW or LAW Magazine. She's just a superfan who follows the business religiously, and she tries to get involved in any way she can. Seeing that LAW Magazine accepts submissions, she's tried diligently to get herself published, sending in fan mail and her own articles. She tends to focus on the fan interest side of things, covering things such as collecting memorabilia, attending conventions, and following newsletters, often in the most niche regards possible with no concerns over if anyone is actually interested in what she has to say. However, she also isn't afraid to voice her opinions about LAW itself and its wrestlers and shows, which can often be quite strong.

Approach to Writing: Hitomi puts forth her perspective as a fan into her writing, unafraid to make obscure references and use insider lingo that a casual fan might scratch their heads at. She can be a very opinionated person, having strong feelings about what she likes, and she doesn't hold back. Hitomi also doesn't shy away from self-aggrandizing and inserting her own personal tirades, whether or not they're relevant.

Twitter: @100MegaShock
Articles Written
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