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Thirteen (Manager)

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Real Name: ??? (official LAW documents use assumed alias Jane Smith)
Sex: F
Age: ??? (in her thirties)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Nationality: Great Britain (assumed)
Alignment: Face (Neutral Good)
Entrance music: Whoever she is managing, undecided for just herself

Wrestling Information:
Strategy: “Uuuum..not a wrestler!”
Style: “Still not a wrestler!”
Preferred Attacks: “Ok, ok, I do know Aikido for self defence, but that’s literally it!”

Preferred Matches: “Not a wre---oh, for my clients? Standard. Not a fan of blood.”

Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 1/5

Signature Moves:
“Flipping people over myself. That’s the one thing I can do, and I prefer not to do it.”

Finishing moves:
“Actually if someone tries to interfere in my clients’ matches, I can flash them with a bright flashlight. Other than that, again, flipping people over myself, and I tend to fail in that on occasion”

In reality, is known to have done more than a few tricks to prevent interference against her clients


Physical Appearance: A slender blonde woman.

Personality: Extremely kind and caring. Although she got into wrestling management, she is there for her clients and friends 100% of the time, ready to back them up in matters big and small, financial, psychological, and rarely, if she can help, physical.

As a manager, doesn’t necessarily go for wrestlers with the biggest obvious potential. She has been known in turning utter jobbers into championship contenders within a matter of months. As such, she helps nurture starting out and struggling talent alongside up and coming champions. However, this makes her a very strict trainer, expecting her clients to maintain a very strict plan and schedule at times.

In the ring, is an incredibly smart woman. Does not interfere in her client’s matches, but has been known to be a very good interference deterrent, to the point where she is thought to be “better than a steel cage” in helping keep matches on straight and narrow in terms of rules.

Outside of the ring, is very socially awkward. While a good manager in a managerial sense, freezes up in front of a mic, and at points, failed to intimidate her clients foes, even when odds are stacked in her favor. Despite that, she carries a sense of superiority, and a “knowing what’s best” attitude, which makes her incredibly stubborn, both for her own and her clients’ good and ill.

Past/History: (File not found)
“What? Fill it in myself? Ok, hate long versions, so here goes: studied history and engineering in college, grew to love wrestling there on a whim, couldn’t find good engineering work, and decided “Hey, why not sign up for wrestling?”. Fighting wasn’t my thing, but I found a ton of success in managing! Managed a lot of wrestlers between US and UK, all of whom went their own ways. LAW seemed to have a quickly growing league, so now I am here to help emerging and popular wrestlers in the company!”

Attire: Both outside and when accompanying her wrestlers, wears a rainbow striped shirt, blue culottes, and a white trench coat with a hood.

- Being kind
- Tinkering with technology
- Travelling
- Sci-Fi, both writing and reading.
- Running

- People mistreating anyone

Fun Facts:
- Is happily married, and although pictures of her with her wife exist, she refuses to give her name to the public
- Similar reason to why her real name is unknown – protecting her identity for the sake of safety, knowing how dangerous wrestling can be at points
- Has travelled for a long while around the world while finishing college, getting into scraps, minor and big (including being kidnapped for a ransom). It was during these travels that she met her wife.

Main attire



Occasional Kimono she wears to matches
Someone gave this to me, saying I am a bit of a space head at times
Only known pic of Thirteen and her wife
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