Gamer Girl: Chiaki Nanami

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Gamer Girl: Chiaki Nanami

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Name: Chiaki Nanami
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Pale Pink
Eyes: Pink
Nationality: Japanese
Size: 5'2" 101 lbs.
Ring Attire:
Beach Attire:
Theme Music:
Alignment: Face/Jobber
Style: Grounded grappler with a video game flair
Preferred Matches: Standard

Signature Moves:

Gamer Lock (Teacher Lock)
Infinite Combo
Heaven-slaying Dragon Fist
Bio: Chiaki was a gamer, she had been for all her life. Chiaki loved video games and she was damn good at them. Chiaki played video games to the point of addiction, but once she grew into adulthood, Chiaki knew that she couldn't let video games be her entire life. There were three things Chiaki wanted when she was trying to discover her new direction in life: a decent income, enough physical activity to stay healthy, and still have enough time for her games. Inspiration came to Chiaki when she was playing Rumble Roses, pro wrestling. Even though Chiaki wasn't athletic or experienced LAW saw her attractive figure and gamer persona as great tools to draw nerdy/gamer fans to the stands. Become a wrestling for LAW achieved all three things that Chiaki wanted in one go. Jobbers got paid decent money to look good losing, wrestling was a sport which would keep her in shape, and she'd still have plenty of time for gaming since she'd only have to spend around 10-15 hours a week training or wrestling (Please note wrestlers who are serious about competing and winning train much more than that).

In the ring, Chiaki is calm, observant, and analytical. She rarely if ever loses her composure and will perform her best when her opponent grows careless or impatient. Chiaki can actually take a lot of damage before being forced to surrender, but she definitely feels every bit of it, to the pleasure of fans and promoters. She also knows a large amount of attacks and moves from fighting games, with a good idea of what's actually useful in a real fight and what isn't, but usually lacks the physical ability to back that knowledge up to win.

Upper Body Strength: 4/10
Lower Body Strength: 2/10
Submissions: 4/10
Chokeholds: 4/10
Pins: 3/10
Strikes: 2/10
Submission Resistance: 6/10
Chokehold Resistance: 5/10
Pin Resistance: 2/10
Strike Resistance: 5/10
Speed: 3/10
Stamina: 8/10

Match Record 0-0-0

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