Raquel Masters

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Raquel Masters

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Raquel Masters



Alternate Attire

Name: Raquel Masters
Height: 5’2’’
Weight: 117 lbs
Age: 25 (D.O.B 1/23/96)
Hair: Brown-Red
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: USA
Alignment: Tweener
Attire: Turquiose seashell pattern sports bra, purple briefs, purple boots, turquoise leggings up to her kneepads, turquoise gloves. White alternate attire as seen above.

Personality: Raquel grew up around the ring and wanted to be a big, bad powerhouse like her older cousins…. but she just didn’t grow big and bad. She still thinks of herself as a powerhouse, and by lightweight standards she surely is. Acts gruff and tough, but once people get to know her they find a closet nerd with a heart.

History: Raquel grew up near Boston and wrestling ran in her family. Her older cousins were all males and she hung out with them a lot, but that didn’t stop her from fighting and rough housing with them. As they got older all of the Masters were gym rats, Raquel included. She could outlift most women despite the fact that she was generally much smaller. As her cousins became wrestlers she felt like she could do it too…..

When Raquel was 18 and graduated she joined a wrestling gym and many members were skeptical of her until they saw the surprise power her small body packed coupled with her raw energy leading to lots of endurance as well as top notch speed. Raquel transitioned to a high flyer whose secondary attacks were slams that took her foes by surprise. she competed successfully against women of all sizes as she gained experience between the ropes.

Raquel gets a mixed reaction as she will sometimes pull dirty tricks and be very gruff inside the ring. However they are a last resort for her and she is very different outside the ring away from wrestling. This often catches people off guard, and many never see past her roughneck nature inside the squared circle. Now in LAW Raquel hopes to be as big of a name as her older male cousins all of whom are much larger and hulking compared to their “mini hulk” female cousin.

Fun Facts:
-Raquel loves Star Wars, for real.
-Raquel is an avid game nerd.
-Raquel often cosplays at conventions when she isn’t training.

Strength: 7/10
Toughness: 6.5/10
Speed: 9.5/10
Endurance: 9.5/10
Technical: 6.5/10
Submission: 6.5/10
Strikes: 8.5/10

Wrestling Style: Speedy flyer who dives as often as she can. However, she is a very buff 120 lbs and can lift/slam women much bigger than she is although in a straight power vs. power contest she will often lose to larger women who are in the same neighborhood as her fitness-wise.
Favorite Moves: Moonsaults, dropkicks, springboard attacks, diving elbow/leg drops, scoop slams.

Signature Moves: Corkscrew body splash, springboard corkscrew

Finishers: Masters Press (Shooting Star Press)

-Asuka- Ex-girlfriend

LAW Record: 16-11-1

1) Loss via submission vs. Asuka Hisashi
2) Win via pinfall Vs. Alisa Krupin
3) Loss via pinfall Vs. Jitsuko Juga
4) Loss via pinfall Vs. Diana Rial
5) Win via submission Vs. Asuka Hisashi
6) Interference no decision Vs. GASTER
7) Win Vs. Elena the Tigress
8) Win via pinfall Vs. Dhalia DuBlanc
9) Loss via pinfall Vs. Katsumi Oshiro
10) Loss via pinfall Vs. Abby Lazel
11) Win via submission Vs. GASTER bikini submission
12) Loss via pinfall Vs. Gail
13) Loss via pinfall Vs. Pinky Nanako
14) Win via pinfall Vs. Gambit
15) Loss via pinfallVs. Valentina
16) Loss via pinfall Vs. Katsumi Oshiro
17) Win via pinball Vs. Chelsea Forster
18) Win via pinfall Vs. Prudance Hall
19) Win via pinfall Vs. Melody Hainsworth
20) Loss via pinfall Vs. Aoi (PPV Lightweight Title Match)
21) Win via submission Vs. Bellatrix Booth
22) Win via pinfall Vs. Shizuka Takamachi
23) Win via pinfall Vs. Gold Liger
24) Win via pinfall Vs. Agatha
25) Loss via submission Vs. Agatha
26) Win via pinfall Vs. Eve Summers
27) Win via pinfall Vs. Freya
28) Win via pinfall Vs. Lu
29) Vs. Tia *

LAW Accomplishments:
None…. yet.
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