The Rising Scion: Hikari Nakano

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The Rising Scion: Hikari Nakano

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Name: Hikari Nakano
Nickname: The Rising Scion
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 4’10
Weight: 115 lbs
Entrance music:
Alignment: Face/Tweener
Nationality: Japanese

Personality: On the surface Hikari appears as a stereotypical lone wolf who doesn’t enjoy the company of others. And this wouldn’t neccesarily be incorrect, however Hikari far from genuinely dislikes the company of others. Rather she is just very socially awkward, and tends to hang in the backround of her own accord and allow her actions to do most of the speaking for her. Part of this is due to her upbringing, being that she was always taught to be formal in most aspects of her life, as well as not being able to interact with others her age very much leaving her social skills stinted.

However should anyone take the time to get to Hikari and talk to her, they’d find she is actually very agreeable, if a bit quiet. As well as a giant nerd as it doesn’t take much to get her talking about whatever anime she’s watching or about some fringe interest article she’s read online. In addition to this though, due to not having very many friends she tends to latch onto tbe ones she does make, and becomes extremely loyal to those friends as a result, willing to go to the absolute limits of her abilities for them.

Besides this Hikari was raised in a strict and traditional house with very traditional parents and grandparents in charge of her upbringing. As a result, Hikari was raised under many traditionalist values, especially those associated with Samurai culture, such as the way of bushido. Thus above all else Hikari treasures her honor and will never stoop to low tactics or do anything to besemerch herself or her family, and she tries to exhibit this as best she can in the way she presents herself. Even if it tends to add to the ‘lone wolf’ status many tag her with.

Ring Gear/Gallery
Main Wrestling Gear:
Short Kimono and fan used for her entrance:
Post Match Pose:
Ring gear and Casual clothes side by side:
Casual Look:
Date Night:
Formal Kimono:
Wrestling Style: Hikari is a practitioner of traditional Japanese Pureso and Strong style while also implementing elements if Aikido for throws and submissions to round out her pace of attacks. In addition to this she utilizes the ring in of itself to use high fkying manevers to better round out her style and make herself as fluid as possible. But above all else Hikari is a striker and will always for go for a well placed kick or punch to end a fight when able.

Preferred Move(s) stiff kicks, chops, running knees, armbars, springboard attacks, suppex variations, and headscissor takedowns.

Signature Move(s)
Santoryu: A three part move, Hikari at first uses a hip toss to slam an opponet back first into the mat, however she will keep hold of the opponet’s arm and move in behind them, wrapping her arms around them as they land before throwing herself back in a german suplex. However instead of letting go she will roll over them and throw herself back for another suplex, this time releasing them to let
them fly with a exploder suplex.

Enma’s Gate: The move favored as a finisher by her uncle, Hikari learned how to perform it and uses it regularly in her arsenal. Laying on her back and then catching an opponet’s arm as they go to strike and pull them in. The she will throw the lower part of her leg against her opponets neck while placing ber hands on the back of her opponet’s head for a gogplata. While used as a finisher by her uncle Hikari only considers it a signature for herself. Namely due to to her not being well experienced in using it, and not speacializing in submissions. So while able to apply it, she isn’t very good at keeping it locked in or making the most out of it while its applied.

Finisher Move(s)
Great Dragon Shock: Running at a kneeling or dropped opponet Hikari will step up while swinging her leg up. Then as she falls she will swing her leg down to drive her foot into an opponet’s head with a reverse shining wizard

Raimei Hakke: Climbing to the top rope Hikari will leap forward to a unsuspecting opponet, wrapping her legs around their head before throwing herself back, bringing them with her as she slams them shoulder first into the mat with a top rope Dragonrana.

Speed - 7/10
Stength - 5/10
Stamina - 7/10
Agility - 8/10
Charisma - 3/10
Strikes - 8/10
High flying - 7/10
Submission - 5/10
Power - 2/10

Preferred matches - Standard Matches, Hardcore, No Disqualifications, Last One Standing, Cage Matches, I quit.

Attitude towards Hentai: I’d never dishonor myself like that

History: Growing up Hikari was the daughter of a pretty wealthy and traditional family that raised her to be uphold the high standards of her family. Well educated, well off, well taken care of, Hikari lived a life of luxury marred by intense hours of dedicated school work and extra curricular activites, all headed by strict tutors. But despite this intense day to day routine Hikari was happy to do it and did her best with everything that was thrown to her be it physical or mental. In her mind it was the least she could do for her family, they gave her everything she appreciated in life so of course she would work hard to make them proud. After these were the old school ideals and beliefs drilled into her head as a child, so naturally she stuck with them fiercely growing up.

However that being said her life wasn’t all work and no play. Rather there was a constant source of brightness and fun in her life. That person being her uncle Haruto Nakano. Unlike her mother and father Hikari’s uncle was a bright and outgoing man, friendly and approachable and full of energy. All traits Hikari, who’d always been rather shy and introverted respected greatly. But more impressive than that what Hikari admired about him was his profession. Because Haruto, was in fact a pro wrestler. A rather famous one in fact throughout Japan. He was a approachable and well beloved face wrestler known for using mind numbing high flying moves and devastating submissions.

Hikari, when first seeing one of his matches was instantly inamoured with the sport and likened the pros to modern day samurai. Her uncle especially, in no small part due to him using a samurai gimmick in his matches for a while. Completely absorbed in tbe sport Hikari spent any free time she had with her uncle, hanging out and having fun and learning the ins and outs of the wrestling industry. But before long Hikari found herself not just learning about the industry itsef, but how to wrestle. When she was thirteen her uncle began showing her move after move which she took to like a fish to water. Rather than learn move after move however. Instead she refused to learn anything until she mastered them.

So growing up her arsenal of moves was limited and slow growing, but her uncle understood and helped her learn as best he could. But of course it wasn’t long before her parents found out. Naturally they were never exactly pleased with the interest Haruto had gotten their daughter hooked on but they always tolerated it. But this was a new level and was probably the first time Hikari saw her father angry. For the whole next week following this it was just constant arguing between Hikari’s father and uncle. The two battling on what Hikari should be allowed to do. Finally though, during their most heated debate Hikari burst into the room and professed how much she loved wrestling, and wanted to become a pro like her uncle. Someone that always fought with honor in matches. Her father, while not approving still, at least saw and respected the heart she spoke with.

Finally he consented to Haruto training Hikari full time, on the condition that she keep up with her other educational tasks. After all wrestling was respectable at least but dangerous. If she got hurt and wasn’t able to make it in another field of work than Hikari’s father would never forgive Haruto. Something the man’s brother agreed to accept responsibility for it it happened. Thus for the next four years she began training in the day and her classes at night. Working literally around the clock to fulfill tbe promises she made to her father and uncle.

When she turned seventeen her uncle finally decided it was time for the girl to make her debut in the independent circuit. Something that excited Hikari to no end. So the next night she found herself in the ring for the first time with her uncle as his tag partner in a mixed tag match. For her first time jn the ring she did extremely well, scoring multiple chant raising spots and mvoes against her opponets. Ultimately the two won by using Haruto’s submission finisher on their opponets for a double tap out. Despite riding on his coat tails for a large part of the match including the finish Hikari was succesful in generating a kot of positive buzz for her in the process. Over the next six months Hikari competed in several matches with her uncle as her manager and coach, helping her create and maintain a ten month long winnkng streak in the indies. Officially speaking, Hikari has still yet to lose, but her impressive streak got her a lot of attention as, right before the new year she found herself approached wjth a contract from the prestigious Leaue of Anime Wrestling, aka LAW. Naturally she accepted and joined the program in a heartbeat. Now Hikari is ready to make her family proud with wrestling, and show the world what a modern day warrior can do.
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