The Brawling Bunny! Piper Sherwood

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The Brawling Bunny! Piper Sherwood

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Basic information:
Name: Piper Sherwood
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Height: 5’0
Weight: 105 lbs
Main apperance:
Casual Look:
Bikini attire:
Ring gear: Piper wears a green bikini top with a transparent mesh over it. With this she’ll wear semi fitting green athletic shorts with a black waist band and white cotton ball on the rear. Finally she also wears white knee pads with green and white soled tennis shoes as her foot wear and a green bunny ear head band on top of her head which is specially fitted to stay on during matches unless she takes a especially big hit

Wrestling information:
Nickname: The Bawler Bunny
Babyface, heel, tweener: Heel
Allies: tbd
Rivals: tbd
Enemies: tbd
Tag partner(s): tbd
Style of Wrestling: High Flying
Preferred match types - Standard, hentai, humiliation.
Theme song: [I May Fall by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams|

Signature(s): What’s Up Doc - Putting an opponents head under one of her arms Piper will throw one of the opponents arms over her neck before grabbing the opponents leg and throwing herself back to slam the opponent down back first on the mat. after this she’ll then roll backwards on top of the opponent to go for a pin.

Finisher(s): Bunny Hop - Making sure an opponent is laying down near He center of the ring Piper will run over the opponent from one side of the ring to the other. Once approaching the ropes she’ll then do a hand spring to bounce off the ropes and relaunch herself backwards into a flip where she’ll land across her opponent. (Handspring Moonsault)

Backstory: Piper grew up in Queens, New York in a middle class family which encouraged her to speak honestly and not take anything from anyone. A parenting strategy that flopped greatly as it led to her believing to say the first thing about people without thought for the repercussions. Something that got her into many fights as a child where she was usually beaten down. But it resulted in her gaining a rudimentary knowledge of fighting and self defense so it wasn’t all bad. As she grew up Piper discovered she was a natural in terms of speed and flick i kitty which led her to one thing.. cheer leading and gymnastics! With her natural looks, charisma and athletic talent she quickly became cheer captain of her high schools cheer squad and was a star gymnast. Eventually her and some friends were invited by some boys to go to a wrestling event with them. While initially grossed out by the sport Piper over the course of the night found some enjoyment in it as she saw more and more matches. Until she was put in one. Indeed her big mouth got her into major trouble as she spoke honestly, and quite loudly about a particular wrestler during their open challenge leading her to be picked from the crowd to enter a match with them upon their request. Initially cocky about the idea she accepted whole heartedly and entered the ring... only to get squashed. But not before displaying some impressive gymnastic ability much to fans enjoyment. Despite the hard loss Piper found herself in love with the cheers of the crowd and wanted more. After all she was a glory seeker, it was why she joined the cheer team and why she strives to do so well in sports. And wrestling provided the easiest and most consistent way of achieving that. Thus she signed up for wrestling lessons and within the year after graduating high school she moved to japan to try out for and eventually be signed to LAW for their Young Lioness developmental program. Unfortunately her lack of experience, big mouth and cocky attitude will only serve to cause problems for herself and the rest of the LAW roster.

Law Timeline/Match Record


1 -(Debut Standard Match) Piper Sherwood vs Nana Yoshida - Ongoing
2 - POW match Piper Sherwood vs The Amazing Ayumi! - (Ongoing)
3 - Piper Sherwood vs Scarlet Tokoyama (ongoing)
4 - Piper Sherwood vs Ivy - Loss via Pinfall
5 - POW match Piper Sherwood vs Sandra - Loss via KO
6 - (winner takes the losers clothes) Piper Sherwood vs Milana Pucci - Loss via Submission
7 - (Hentai match) Piper Sherwood vs Ruby Blazes - Loss via Orgasm
8 - Beach Submission Match: Piper Sherwood vs Noelle Eclair Osborne (ongoing)
9 - Piper Sherwood vs Holly Mathethson - Losers Championship kiss my foot match.

Backstage Interactions

1 - Following a hard loss to Sandra, Piper is taken to the woman’s home and shown a good time in compensation for her loss ~

2 - Piper, fed up with losing is trying her hardest to improve and luckily rums into a certain buff wrestler willing to help Piper improve!

3 - After yet another loss, this one under much better circumstances, Piper heads home with Ruby for a wild night

4 ~ In a massive (not really) shock Piper is called by Holly Matheson the loser champion for a match at We Are Law!
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