Serenity Reinford

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Serenity Reinford

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Serenity Reinford
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5'0"
Nationality: Canadian
Alignment: Tweener

Wrestling Information
Endurance: 2/5
Strength: 3/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 1/5

Limited in her skills Serenity uses a combination of basic wrestling moves and a plethora of lewd tactics to help fluster and embarrass her opponents to submission.

Preferred matches:
Standard, hentai, and any other softcore matches

Finisher: TBA

Reckless to a T, Serenity doesn't usually think about the consequences of her actions. As such she always prefers the immediate reward over the long term gains of any of her actions. Which has created somewhat of a complex for her. Where she believes that no matter what she's in the right despite the various occasions where she wasn't.

Despite her parents best efforts Serenity was far from normal. Born in Quebec, Canada she was raised by two loving parents. Yet, by the age of 12 during a scout camping trip she had decided not only to prematurely leave the group but had also attracted a family of foxes that eventually ate all of their food. Needless to say, the trip had to be cut short soon after.

Moreover, by the age of 16 she had started to date promiscuously. Which quickly resulted in a massive fight involving 5 people 2 of which were girls and inadvertently taught a valuable lesson to the young go-getter to talk with her partners. Hilariously though the most interesting example of her more spontaneous decisions was when she was 19 and had been asked to bring a case of bottled water. However when she had gotten to the store she had instead bought a lottery ticket that ended with her winning almost half of a billion dollars.

Not surprisingly though it didn’t take long for her to start burning through her newly acquired money. Within months she had gone through millions of dollars in frivolous expenses that it eventually got her parents pleading with her to put in end to what she was doing and have half of the remaining amount invested in stocks and bonds. Which she initially didn’t like but would eventually agree on the condition she was free to do whatever she wanted with what remained.

Reluctantly her parents agreed and to their surprise the young millionaire decided to try a hand at modeling. Figuring that she could just buy her way in and was pretty enough that she could make it in the industry with no problems. However, when the time came to finalize her contract with her talent agency. She met Janice as she was getting ready to leave for LAW and within the span of one conversation. To the surprise of everyone including Janice the spontaneous millionaire suddenly wanted to be a wrestler with Janice as her manager. Even so the gesture flattered Janice enough that she was more than happy to help the young woman with her sudden career change.

In-ring Business Gear
Bikini Business Gear
Training Business Gear
Backstage Business Gear
When she's out enjoying herself
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